Mie Multilingual Disaster Support Center

みえ災害時多言語支援センター Mie Multilingual Disaster Support Center

2024/01/01 Monday Announcements, Security

Mie Multilingual Disaster Support Center

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The Mie Multilingual Disaster Support Center (Mie Saigaiji Tagengo Shien Center – みえ災害時多言語支援センター) was established by Mie Prefecture and the Mie International Exchange Foundation (MIEF) based on an agreement to provide multilingual information and support to foreigners in the event of a major disaster, and is operated in cooperation with volunteers and relevant organizations.

  1. Bodies responsible for establishment and operation

Mie Prefecture and Mie International Exchange Foundation (MIEF)

  1. Location

Mie Kenmin Koryu Center (3rd floor of UST Tsu)

  1. Establishment criteria

In the event of a major disaster, when the province has adopted an emergency system as stipulated in the Regional Disaster Prevention Plan and when it is confirmed (or expected) that a large number of foreign residents have been affected, the establishment of the center will be decided through consultation between Mie Prefecture and the Mie International Exchange Foundation.

  1. Contents of operation
    1. Providing necessary disaster information in multiple languages for foreign residents
      • Dissemination of information about disasters in various languages released by city hall, national government, etc.
      • Providing multilingual information about disasters announced by municipalities that is useful across a wide area.
    2. Responding to questions and queries from foreign residents
    3. Support for the operation of evacuation centers (interpretation and translation) where foreign residents are sheltered

* Interpretation and translation services are offered in five languages: Easy Japanese, Portuguese, Spanish, English and Vietnamese.

Influenza cases is on the rise

2024/01/01 Monday Announcements, Security


Basic infection preventive measures against coronavirus are also effective against influenza. Take basic infection preventive measures to reduce your risk of becoming infected.

Wear a mask

Wear a mask when visiting a medical institution, or when visiting a medical institution or elderly care facility where many elderly people and other people at high risk of becoming seriously ill are hospitalized or live.

When visiting crowded places, it is also effective to wear a mask to protect yourself from illness.

Hand washing and ventilation

Effective as a basic infection preventivemeasure.

Maintain a safe distance from other people

Avoiding poorly ventilated areas, crowded places with large numbers of people, and having conversations in close proximity is an effective infection control measure (if this cannot be avoided, wear a mask).

About vaccines

Influenza vaccination has the effect of suppressing the onset of illness to a certain extent and preventing serious illness. It is considered particularly effective for people who are more likely to become seriously ill if they contract the disease, such as the elderly and people with underlying medical conditions. Furthermore, in principle, for people aged 13 and over, only one dose of vaccination will be carried out.