Learn how to avoid problems related to online shopping ~Important points related to the purchase of overseas products over the Internet~

インターネットショッピングでトラブルに遭わないために  ~海外ネット通販利用時の注意点~

2017/09/19 Tuesday Announcements

One of the aspects of Internet transactions is the lack of a physical product and, due to the anonymity, problems may easily arise. Lately, the number of problematic situations involving foreign companies making online sales aimed to consumers in Japan has increased.

Extreme caution must be taken reagarding a lower price offer compared to the price of a regular sale.

Many problems emerge when consumers are tempted by advertisements, such as “famous brand product is very cheap” and, after the request for advance payment by cash or credit card, you do not receive the product, it is a counterfeit or of lower quality, the color or size is wrong, it is broken, among other problems.

In case of problems, transactions with the foreign company are extremely troublesome.

Be careful if the use or imports into Japan do not break the law

In case you purchase a product from overseas, make sure without fail if the purchase, possession or use of the product is not prohibited or not regulated by law. It is necessary to make sure if the product imported into Japan is prohibited or not by the Washington Convention and others.

Pay attention to the following sorts of websites! Learn how to figure out unreliable websites

  • There is no explanation on the company’s track record. Company’s name is not specified.
  • Unknown telephone number. Address, telephone number, people in charge and others are not outlined.
  • The address overseas is outlined, but the existence of the address is dubious.
  • Even there is an address in Japan it is clearly misleading.
  • Even there is a telephone number it is a cell phone number or a number that does not exist in Japan.
  • Words appear to be literally translated and there are unusual grammar expressions.

In addition to online purchase on foreign websites, even on online auctions or bargain websites (flea market) experiencing a growing number of users, there is no confirmation if the seller is a company.

In case the seller is an individual person, there are no special laws proctecting the consumer. Since in principle the transactions and sales are carried out on one’s own, it is necessary extra caution!

Consultation Service for Issues

JADMA  Japan Direct Marketing Association (Nihon Tsushin Hanbai Kyoukai)

TEL  03-5651-1122*Only in Japanese (10 a.m. to 12 p.m. /1 p.m. to 4 p.m. Saturdays/Sundays/Holidays)


Consumer’s Hotline 

TEL: 188

When calling “188”, an announcement will be issued and the call will be redirected to the Municipal Center for Consumer Consultation nearest to your residence or to the Consumer Center of Mie Prefecture.

How to proceed in case of a ballistic missile attack

2017/09/19 Tuesday Announcements


If it is confirmed a ballistic missile has been launched over Japan the government will use the national system of instant warning called “J-Alert” to transmit emergency information.

By using the system “J-Alert” a special alarm along with a message through the emergency transmission system will be issued and an emergency message will be also send to cell phones.

Why sometimes the “J-Alert” system does not activate even if a ballistic missile is launched?

The “J-Alert” is used if there is the possibility of a ballistic missile falls over Japan’s territory or sea or if there is the possibility a missile flies over the country.

Therefore, if it is decided there is no possibility the missile falls over Japan’ territory, sea or flies over the country, the J-Alert will not be issued.

Example of message issued by “J-Alert” system



(Take shelter immediately! Take shelter immediately! Take shelter immediately in resistant structure buildings or underground. We may be hit by a missile. Take shelter immediately!)

Sound reproduction of “J-Alert” siren (mp3)

*It is prohibited to replicate the sound or record and reproduce it illegally.

“If the “J-Alert” activates, be calm and act immediately.

  1. Take shelter quickly

In the case you are in another place other than your home: go to resistant-structure buildings or underground (commercial centers underground, subway stations, among others).

In the case there are no buildings: go to covered places or get down and protect your head.

In  the case you are inside a house: keep away from windows or go to the room with no windows.

  1. Seek accurate information as fast as possible.

Focus on collect information through television, radio, Internet and others.

In the case there are orders from the government, be calm and act according to the instructions.

In the case a missile falls in a near place:

In the case you are outdoors: Cover your nose with a cloth, keep away from the place and go to tall and sealed buildings or follow wind direction.

In the case you are indoors:  Turn the exhaust fans off, close the windows, seal the gaps and seal the rooms.

You can find more details at Cabinet Secretariat Civil Protection Portal Site: