Notice about the health insurance and retirement systems


2024/02/02 Friday Announcements, Health

(This is a notice to everyone who works at a company)

The insurance rates (hokenryo – 保険料) that we pay for health insurance and retirement insurance are determined by the value of monthly salaries and other remuneration (as a general rule, the higher the value of salary and other remuneration, the higher the amount we have to pay).

In general, the insurance rates (the amount we have to pay) are determined by the value of the remuneration of these three months which is April, May and June.

*The monthly average of the three months of April, May and June determines the value.

However, if certain conditions are met, the system allows the insurance  rates (the amount we have to pay) to be determined by the average monthly earnings throughout the year.

* The value is determined by the average monthly salary from July of the previous year to June of the current year.

Anyone who wants to use this system should consult the company they work for.

[Reference] Japan Retirement Service website (Nihon Nenkin Kiko – 日本年金機構), in Japanese langauage only.

Frequently Asked Questions about Mie Consultation Center for Foreign Residents (MieCo) 5-8

2024/02/02 Friday Announcements, Health

みえ外国人相談サポートセンター「MieCo(みえこ)」のよくある質問 5~8

Mie Prefecture has a consultation center for foreign residents. This section contains frequently asked questions and their answers.

For more information about MieCo, click here.

For MieCo FAQs 1-4, click here.

Question 5

Are there any benefits available if I cannot work due to illness or injury?

Answer 5

If you are enrolled in social insurance (Shakai hoken), you can apply for sick pay (Shoubyou Teatekin – 傷病手当金). You can ask your company to request it, or you can request it yourself.

Question 6

I can’t make appointments at the hospital because they are only available in Japanese. What should I do?

Answer 6

The Mieco team can schedule an appointment for you. In this case, they will need to receive your personal data. The center will send you an email with the appointment time and a map of the location in your native language.

Question 7

I would like to know about Japanese classes in Mie Prefecture.

Answer 7

The Mie International Foundation (MIEF) website has a list of Japanese classes in each city with addresses, phone numbers and fees.

Please see here:

Question 8

I would like to take a Japanese class, but I can’t make a phone consultation. What should I do?

Answer 8

MieCo will assist you with telephone inquiries. In case of Japanese language classes in the Asto Tsu Building, MieCo will assist you on the spot when you need to talk to the class supervisor.