Beware of scams from sellers that goes door-to-door offering home renovation services!!


2024/02/09 Friday Announcements, Housing, Security

Please be aware that many consumer problems related to home renovations are occurring within the prefecture.

[Problems that occurred in the past]

  • The seller recommended the renovation work and we decided to carry it out. However, the work was stopped several times and an additional fee was charged each time. We paid the additional fees several times, but then were unable to contact the company.
  • They recommended that the roof must be repaired and the repairs were carried out. The bill after installation was much higher than the estimated cost. Later, another renovation company salesperson confirmed to me that the work was unnecessary.
  • A salesman from a renovation company came to my house unexpectedly and told us that the tiles had moved and that it would be dangerous, recommending that we carry out repairs. Another expert later examined the roof and found the work was unnecessary. The price was also considered higher than usual.

[Advice to consumers]

  • If you receive a request for renovation work, don’t sign a contract right away! If you are going to do a renovation, make sure you get quotes from more than one company.
  • When signing a contract, carefully check the contents of the contract and other documents! If you are unsure about the content of the contract, consult the company and do not sign the contract if you are not satisfied with the content.
  • If you are persistently approached, refuse the offer! It is prohibited by law to persistently approach consumers at home even after they have refused.
  • Don’t worry alone, consult Consumer Hotline 188 or MieCo!

If you received a door-to-door sales visit, you may have a cooling off period of eight days after signing the contract. You may also be able to cancel the contract within a year if you have had persistent visitors and contracted for a series of unnecessary works in a short period.

Notice about the health insurance and retirement systems

2024/02/09 Friday Announcements, Housing, Security


(This is a notice to everyone who works at a company)

The insurance rates (hokenryo – 保険料) that we pay for health insurance and retirement insurance are determined by the value of monthly salaries and other remuneration (as a general rule, the higher the value of salary and other remuneration, the higher the amount we have to pay).

In general, the insurance rates (the amount we have to pay) are determined by the value of the remuneration of these three months which is April, May and June.

*The monthly average of the three months of April, May and June determines the value.

However, if certain conditions are met, the system allows the insurance  rates (the amount we have to pay) to be determined by the average monthly earnings throughout the year.

* The value is determined by the average monthly salary from July of the previous year to June of the current year.

Anyone who wants to use this system should consult the company they work for.

[Reference] Japan Retirement Service website (Nihon Nenkin Kiko – 日本年金機構), in Japanese langauage only.