“Bousai Mie.jp” Homepage has been updated, in 5 languages in addition to Japanese


“Bousai Mie.jp” is Mie Prefecture’s official homepage publishing information in Japanese and other 5 foreign languages (English, Chinese, Korean, Portuguese and Spanish) about prevention  in the event of natural disasters and useful information in case of natural disasters.

With this updating, the ” page related to emergency” now presents information on the opening of shelters, information on damage through maps and others. Even if you do not know the name of the region you live, it will be possible to recognize the locations visually. Furthermore, from May, information in real time about tsunami, earthquakes, warnings and weather alerts will be published on social media (Twitter).

If a natural disaster occurs, it is important to take accurate decisions and always check precise information to reduce damages.

You can access “Bousai Mie.jp” through the link below or by QR Code.



Contact information:

Mie-ken Bousai Taisaku-bu Bousai Taisaku Soumu-ka (General Division of Preventive Measures of Mie Prefecture Department of Prevention)

〒514-8570 Tsu-shi Komei-cho 13 Banchi


E-mail: bosaimie@pref.mie.jp


Asian Month of Motorsports at Suzuka – the admission fee is free for foreigners!

「みえ国際ウィーク2017」開催記念企画 Asian Month of Motorsports at Suzuka 外国人の鈴鹿サーキット入場が無料になります!

Commemoration of “Mie International Week 2017”

Asian Month of Motorsports at Suzuka

The admission fee is free for foreigners!

Since 1962, when Suzuka Circuit was opened, for the first time Japan built a large-sized international race track. Suzuka Circuit has achieved great highlight in Formula 1 and now is also hosting several racing and motorized sports events.

In commemoration to “Mie International Week 2017” in June, Suzuka Circuit in addition to offer a space to integration among foreigners, aiming the spread of motorized sports culture in Japan, will carry out an experience program in motorized sports.

Non-Japanese nationals owning a foreign passport or “Zairyu Card” and complete the prior registration will  enter for free at Suzuka Circuit.  Do not miss this opportunity to visit Suzuka Circuit!

For more details about “Mie International Week 2017” click here  (only in Japanese)


・”2017 FIM ASIA ROAD RACING CHAMPIONSHIP” (Motorcycle Racing) on June 3 and 4

A motorcycle racing in which more than 70 pilots from 12 countries in Asia and Oceania will participate.

”SUZUKA Race of Asia 2017” (Auto Racing) on June 24 and 25

“Blancpain GT Series Asia”, “Japanese Formula 3 Championship”, “LAMBORGHINI SUPER TROFEO ASIA” and several other racings from different categories will be carried out on the days mentioned above.


Suzuka Circuit

〒510-0295 Mie-ken Suzuka-shiIno-cho 7992

Target audience:

Non-Japanese nationals showing the “Zairyu Card” or Foreign passport at the reception and up to 3 guests (including Japanese) will enter for free. Additional fees will be charged for parking lot and the attractions at the circuit.

※  It is necessary prior registration

Fill in the form available on the link below or by QR Code.


Contact information:

Suzuka Circuit–JigyouKikaku-ka (Division of Business Planning)

〒510-0295  Mie-ken Suzuka-shiIno-cho7992

TEL 059-378-1768


E-mail: english_info@mobilityland.co.jp