From April 1, 2024, an additional item will be added to the clarification of working conditions regarding the “Indefinite Employment Period Conversion Rule”


2024/03/04 Monday Announcements, Security

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From April 1, 2024, the system of explicit declaration of working conditions (Article 5 of the Implementing Regulations of the Labor Standards Law – Roudou Kijun-ho Seko Kisoku Dai 5-jo) will be changed. And the number of matters to be explained by companies regarding working conditions when concluding or renewing an employment contract will increase.

For all workers (subjects to be explained by those added)

  • Scope of changes to the workplace and roles

For the conclusion of all employment contracts and for each renewal of a fixed-term employment contract, an explanation of the contents of the workplace and duties “immediately upon hire” and the scope of the workplace and duties will be required. duties that may change due to future reassignments, etc.

For workers on fixed-term contracts (issues to be explained by the company that have been added)

  • Renewal limits

An explanation of the existence and content of renewal limits (total duration of the contract or maximum number of renewals of a fixed-term employment contract) is required for each conclusion of a fixed-term employment contract and each renewal of the contract.

(If the renewal limit is established or reduced after the conclusion of the first employment contract, the company must explain the reasons for this to the worker in advance).

  • Opportunity to request a permanent job change

An explanation of the opportunity to request an indefinite employment conversion is required for each contract renewal period that allows workers to request an indefinite employment conversion.

  • Explanation of working conditions after changing to an indefinite period

An explanation of working conditions following an indefinite job change is required for each contract renewal where a request for an indefinite change may be made.

Also see the portal website for the conversion of indefinite-term employment for workers with fixed-term contracts (in Japanese language only)


Mie Labor Bureau 059-226-2110 [in Japanese language only].

Consultation Center for Foreign Residents in Mie (MieCo) 080-3300-8077

Available languages: English, Portuguese, Spanish, Filipino, Chinese, Korean, Vietnamese, Nepali, Indonesian, Thai, Japanese.

Regarding the distribution of the Mie Prefecture Human Association Invitation Training Report Session (Notice) (Miekenjinkai)

2024/03/04 Monday Announcements, Security


Mie Prefecture invited three young people from the Brazilian Association of Mie Prefecture (Brasil Miekenjinkai) and a companion to go to Mie from January 14 to 27, 2024 to learn about the history and culture of the prefecture.

The participants, Oyagawa Lucas Tetsuya (20), Shogo Miyazaki (20), and Oki Takahashi Vitor Ichiro (22), commented that they “saw the beautiful nature and valuable historical sites of Mie Prefecture and learned about the spirit of the Japanese people. I I didn’t imagine there was such an important place for Japan in Mie”, “Delicious food, rich nature, history and traditions as valuable as jewels. Everything is wonderful and unforgettable. Mie Prefecture was like a paradise.”

On February 24th (Saturday), a briefing session was held by young people from the Brazilian Association of Mie Province who participated in the training at Mie Kaikan in São Paulo, Brazil, and the session was broadcast on the Mie Amigos YouTube channel ( The report is available on the channel.

The training is also available on TikTok, Instagram and Youtube (