Regarding the distribution of the Mie Prefecture Human Association Invitation Training Report Session (Notice) (Miekenjinkai)


2024/02/26 Monday Announcements, Culture and Leisure

Mie Prefecture invited three young people from the Brazilian Association of Mie Prefecture (Brasil Miekenjinkai) and a companion to go to Mie from January 14 to 27, 2024 to learn about the history and culture of the prefecture.

The participants, Oyagawa Lucas Tetsuya (20), Shogo Miyazaki (20), and Oki Takahashi Vitor Ichiro (22), commented that they “saw the beautiful nature and valuable historical sites of Mie Prefecture and learned about the spirit of the Japanese people. I I didn’t imagine there was such an important place for Japan in Mie”, “Delicious food, rich nature, history and traditions as valuable as jewels. Everything is wonderful and unforgettable. Mie Prefecture was like a paradise.”

On February 24th (Saturday), a briefing session was held by young people from the Brazilian Association of Mie Province who participated in the training at Mie Kaikan in São Paulo, Brazil, and the session was broadcast on the Mie Amigos YouTube channel ( The report is available on the channel.

The training is also available on TikTok, Instagram and Youtube (

Spring National Traffic Safety Campaign

2024/02/26 Monday Announcements, Culture and Leisure


Spring is the season when children enter kindergarten and go to school with a new mindset. As the weather gets warmer and we have more opportunities to go out, there are concerns that there will be more traffic accidents.

To avoid causing traffic accidents due to slight carelessness and inattentiveness, each of us should raise our awareness of traffic safety and strive to drive safely with a sense of calm and peace of mind.

  1. Period

April 6 (Saturday) until April 15, 2024 (Monday) – Duration of 10 days

*April 10 (Wednesday), is Zero Traffic Death Day (Koutsu Jiko-shi Zero wo Mezasu Hi).

  1. Campaign focus

(1) Ensure a safe road traffic environment for children and practice safe crossing methods

  • Let us protect the irreplaceable lives of the next generation of children in society as a whole.
  • Children may behave in unexpected ways. If you see a child, slow down and drive safely.
  • Keep an eye out for children on school routes and roads where you live.
  • Teach your children to always cross at crosswalks, if there is one nearby, and to always stop and look both ways before crossing. Also teach them to continue paying attention to both sides even while crossing.
  • In addition, pedestrian violations and traffic accidents are also occurring. Disregarding traffic signs and crossing immediately before or after a moving vehicle are dangerous actions and should be avoided at all costs.

(2) Ensure pedestrians have priority and encourage “attentive and tolerant” driving

  • The priority of pedestrians at crosswalks is not a matter of etiquette, but a traffic rule stipulated in the Road Traffic Law.
  • Slow down and drive safely at pedestrian crossings unless there is clearly no one else crossing.
  • If there are pedestrians trying to cross a crosswalk, always stop before the crosswalk and give way to pedestrians crossing.
  • Furthermore, driving under the influence of alcohol is absolutely prohibited. There are severe penalties for drink driving and you could lose your job or family if you are caught drink driving or cause an accident.
  • Let’s strive to build a society that doesn’t allow drunk driving.
  • Drink driving is a malicious and dangerous criminal offense that can lead to serious accidents on the roads. Drive calmly and have a sense of “mutual consideration and respect.”

(3) Wear a helmet and obey traffic rules when using a bicycle or an electric kickboard

  • Bicycles are vehicles that can be easily driven by anyone without a driver’s license, but as a member of the “vehicle” class, you must respect traffic rules.
  • Be aware of the dangers to yourself and others around you when riding with two people on the same bicycle, riding bicycles side by side, holding an umbrella while cycling, using a smartphone or headphones, etc. attitudes and never drive dangerously.
  • There are also detailed rules for specified small motorized bicycles (so-called “electric kickboards” that meet size and other criteria), the rules of which have changed since July 2023.
  • Be sure to check traffic rules when using them.
  • When riding a bicycle or electric kickboard, wear a helmet to protect your own life and observe the correct traffic rules.

Click here for the National Spring Traffic Safety Campaign awareness pamphlet.

  1. Contact (In Japanaese language only)

Mie-ken Kankyo Seikatsu-bu Kurshi Koutsu Anzen-ka Koutsu Anzen-han (三重県 環境生活部 くらし・交通安全課 交通安全班)

TEL: 059-224-2410