Medical Institution with Medical Interpreter


2018/08/17 Friday Health

For a limited time until January 2019, medical interpreters in Portuguese and Spanish will be in resident at three medical institutions in the prefecture.

You can receive interpretation service from the reception desk such as inquiries, consultation, examination, health guidance, taking medicine, medical cost, explanation at the time of admission and discharge, etc.

Please apply at the reception of each medical institution when you wish to acquire the service. Interpreter usage fee is free.

The patient’s personal information is managed by the hospital, and the interpreter keeps the confidentiality.

Besides Portuguese and Spanish, there are medical institutions in Mie prefecture where medical interpreters in Chinese and Filipino are in resident.

Please refer to Mie prefecture international exchange foundation (MIEF) website for medical institution name, time etc.

※Medical institution with limited medical interpreter

Name of medical institution Supported language Period・Day of the week・Time
◆Okanami General Hospital (Okanami Sougou Byouin)

Iga-shi Ueno Kuwamachi 1734

TEL: 0595-21-3135



Until January 2019

Every Monday and Thursday

10 am ~ 2 pm

◆Ueno General City Hospital (Iga Shiritsu Ueno Sogo Shimin Byouin)

Iga-shi Shijuku-cho 831

TEL: 0595-24-1111



Until January 2019

Every Tuesday and  Friday

10 am ~ 2 pm

◆Mie Kenritsu Kodomo Shinshin Hattatsu Iryo Center

Tsu-shi Ozatokubota-cho 340-5

TEL: 059-253-2000

Portuguese Until January 2019

Every Monday and Thursday

12 pm ~ 4 pm

2018 Middle School Equivalency Exam

2018/08/17 Friday Health

平成30年度 就学義務猶予免除者等の中学校卒業程度認定試験

This exam is for individuals who, due to illness or other unavoidable circumstances, were exempted from completing or could not complete the compulsory education. Individuals who pass this exam are eligible to apply for entry to senior high school.

Those who wish to take the exam should follow the instructions below on how to obtain the registration and test guidelines, and complete the necessary registration procedures.

  1. Obtaining the registration and test guidelines
    Mie-ken Kyouiku Iinkai Jimukyoku Koko Kyouiku-ka Career Kyouiku-han
    TEL: 059-224-2913 9am-5pm, excluding Saturday, Sunday and holidays
    *Please call ahead of time when coming to pick up the registration and test guidelines.
  1. Exam time and date
    10:00am – 3:40pm
    Thursday 27 October 2018
  1. Test Center
    Mie-ken Sakae-cho Chosha 4th floor meeting room 41 (Mie-ken Tsu-shi Sakae-cho 1-954)
  1. Subjects
    Japanese language, Social Studies, Mathematics, Science, Foreign language (English)
  1. Application period
    August 20, 2018 (Monday) – September 7, 2018 (Friday)
    *Must be sent postmarked on or before this date.
  1. Results
    To be announced on  December 3, 2018 (Monday)
    The result will be sent by mail, it may take several days to arrive.

Please check the following link for details

Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (MEXT):