Beware of Food Poisoning


2021/08/25 Wednesday Announcements, Health

There are many cases of bacterial food poisoning during hot and humid summer.  To prevent the outbreak of food poisoning, pay particular attention to the following and be very careful.

  1. Purchase of food
  • When buying perishable foods such as meat, fish and vegetables, always buy fresh products
  • When shopping, take the frozen, refrigerated or temperature-sensitive foods last. After shopping, return home as quickly as possible.
  1. Storage and food preparation

< So as to not get contaminated with bacteria>

  • Wash hands thoroughly after handling raw products.
  • Place fish and meat in a plastic bag or other container and store them in the refrigerator without the meat juice coming into contact with other foods.
  • Use different utensils for each food when cooking meat, fish and vegetables.
  • Prevent meat juice from coming into contact with salads, fruits and other foods that will be eaten raw.

< So as to not increase the growth of bacteria>

  • Store food that needs to be frozen or refrigerated as soon as you return from shopping.
  • Do not overfill the refrigerator and freezer, and try to use up to 70% of it’s capacity.
  1. When cooking food

<To kill bacteria>

  • When heating food, make sure the heat was distributed well.

*Reheating food well can kill intoxicating bacteria.  It is recommended to heat the center to 75°C for more than 1 minute.  Do not eat raw or rare meats.  Cook the meat well, and wash utensils that handled raw food.

  1. Handling food after cooking

<So as to not increase the growth of bacteria>>

  • Do not leave food at room temperature for a long time

*Escherichia coli (0157) doubles in quantity in 15 to 20 minutes even at room temperature.  Especially in summer, be careful not to carry lunch boxes or leave them outside.

  • To prevent bacterial growth, store hot dishes at over 65°C, and cold dishes at less than 10°C.


Mie-ken Iryo Hoken-bu Shokuhin Anzen-ka (三重県 医療保健部 食品安全課)

TEL: 059-224-2343 (in Japanese only)

The Mie Prefecture Partnership Oath System

2021/08/25 Wednesday Announcements, Health


On September 1, 2021, the “Mie Prefecture Partnership Oath System” (Mie-ken Partnership Sensei Seido – 三重県パートナーシップ宣誓制度) will begin to build an environment where everyone can live together safely in the prefecture according to the principles of the “ creation of ordinance in Mie Prefecture that recognizes sexual diversity and to create a society in which sexual minorities can live their lives with peace of mind.” (Sei no Tayosei o Mitomeai, Daremoga Anshin Shite Kuraseru Mie-ken Zukuri Jorei – 性の多様性を認め合い、誰もが安心して暮らせる三重県づくり条例).

1 – Explanation of the system

The Mie Prefecture Partnership Oath System is a system that allows couples, (in which one or both partners are of a sexual minority), to submit a written oath jointly proclaiming that they acknowledge each other as their life partners and that they will support one another in their daily lives. In doing so, the Mie government will issue a Partnership Oath Certificate.

2 – Services that can be used through the Mie Prefecture Partnership Oath System

In case of government systems, it is possible to use the system to register housing in public housing, family visits to medical institutions, etc.

For private services, you can use it if you are already a beneficiary of health insurance, family discounts for telephones, etc.

“The list of services that accepts the Mie Prefecture Partnership Oath System” will be constantly updated.

3 – People who can take the Oath

The persons that can use the Mie Partnership Oath System must meet all of the following requirements.

  1. Must be a couple, in which one or both individuals are a sexual minority, who have pledged that they acknowledge each other as their life partners and that they support one another in their daily lives.
  2. Must be 20 years old and above
  3. One of the couples or both must be a registered resident or planning to move to Mie Prefecture.
  4. Both should be single and do not have romantic relationships with people other than their partner
  5. Both parties must not be related. Except for people who became related through adoption.

People who have already registered in municipalities that have introduced the Partnership Oath System can also take the oath in the Prefecture.

4 – Make an appointment in advance

Make an appointment via phone or email at least one week (as a general rule) before the day you want to submit your oath.  The authorities will set the date and place of the oath taking.  Appointment in advance can be made from 9:00am on August 23, 2021 (Monday).  There are cases where it will not be possible to take the oath on the preferred date depending on the situation.

  • Hours when it will be possible to take the oath: 9 am to 5 pm on weekdays
  • Location: Mie-ken Kankyo Seikatsu-bu Diversity Shakai Suishin-ka
  • TEL: 059-224-2225 (in Japanese only)

*For more details, see the “Mie-ken Partnership Sensei Seido” page on the Prefecture’s homepage (