Coronavirus: What are the changes after the transition to category 5 of infectious diseases


2023/05/29 Monday Announcements, Coronavirus

  1. The City Hall will no longer require infection preventive measures
  • People are encouraged to take their own preventive action.
  1. It is no longer required by law to refrain from going out of your home
  • It is recommended to refrain from going out for 5 days after the onset of symptoms.
  • It is recommended to wear a mask for 10 days after the onset of symptoms.
  • Health observation by health centers will no longer be carried out.
  1. Patient identification (notification and registration) will be deleted
  • Distribution of test kits and registration centers for positive cases have been closed.
  • No more identification of people in close contact (no more stay-at-home requests).
  1. Daily publication of the number of new cases and the total number of new cases will no longer be carried out
  • The publication of infections will be done once a week.
  1. Providing medical treatment in a wide range of medical institutions will be a goal
  • See the “Medical Institutions for Outpatients” (Gairai Taio Iryo Kikan) designated by the prefecture (in Japanese only).
  • Consultation services such as “consultation centers” will be maintained.

*Click here for information on Medical Consultation and Examination Centers (in Japanese only).

  1. Treatment costs must be paid by the patient (except in some cases)
  • From the costs of treatment, public financial assistance will continue to be provided for “the cost of expensive drugs against the coronavirus” and “part of the medical costs of hospitalization”.

*For information on public financial assistance, click here (in Japanese only).

  1. Free examination services (pharmacies and medical institutions) will be closed.
  • Purchase your own qualitative antigen test kit and test yourself.
  1. Operation of accommodation and treatment facilities will be terminated.
  2. The pulse oximeter loan will be terminated.
  • Food aid ended at the end of March.
  1. Issuance of medical treatment period notices will be terminated.
  • When necessary, use documents issued by medical institutions, etc., showing test results as a substitute.

Observe the rules when going to the beaches

2023/05/29 Monday Announcements, Coronavirus


Mie Prefecture has many beautiful beaches where many people enjoy walking and swimming every year. To ensure that locals and tourists alike have a good time, the province urges everyone to follow the rules to have fun safely. In addition, care must also be taken to avoid accidents and injuries.

Take your trash home

To keep the beach clean, take your garbage home and dispose of it.

Do not handle fire directly

Do not barbecue in areas where the use of fire is prohibited. Even if you use fire in places where it is not prohibited, please do not handle fire directly and do not pollute the beach.

Use the restrooms properly

Authorities ask for everyone’s help to keep the beach clean.

Do not wash clothes or dishes in the sea

Prepare what you can at home to keep the beach clean.

Don’t make loud noises

Loud music or loud voices may make some people uncomfortable, so use the beach sparingly.

Be considerate of people who live near the beach

Some people live near the sea.  Use the beach sparingly.

Park in designated areas

Do not park in areas where parking is prohibited.  Emergency vehicles will not be able to pass and public transport will be affected.  Please obey the rules.