Companies in which foreigners are active② Asai Nursery, Inc.

外国人が活躍する企業② 浅井農園

2018/10/17 Wednesday Career, Information Videos

The number of foreigners working as permanent employees within Mie prefecture is on the rise. What kinds of companies do foreign employees work at? What kinds of initiatives are companies using to help for foreign employees take on an active role?

This time, Wu KeXin and Nguyen Thi Xuan Dao, who are international university students in Mie, along with helper Ariyoshi Haruhisa conducted interviews at Asai Nursery, Inc. in Tsu City.

Asai Nursery strives to produce tomatoes with the best taste and highest yield in the world in order to meet the needs of the market and customers. They produce over 1,000 tons of mini tomatoes annually and have established an agricultural model with high profitability.

「Interview with Nomura Yoshiyuki, Production Manager

Q: What is unique about Asai Nursery?

A: Asai Nursery mainly grows mini tomatoes but we do so using a cultivation method different than most growers in Japan. The company uses technologies originally from the Netherlands. For example, we use machines that can regulate the environment of the greenhouse. We also invite consultants from the Netherlands. We are operating while studying the latest technologies.

In that sense, I think you can see agriculture here that you will not find much of in Japan.

While adopting overseas technology, Asai Nursery is also promoting sales and technological development overseas. As this international exchange expands, the company has been recruiting young people from overseas.

「Interview with Nomura Yoshiyuki, Production Manager

Q: Are you increasing the recruitment of foreign employees at your company?

A: One of our characteristics is that we often interact with people overseas. In that sense, we would like to hire some people who can speak English. We are planning to hire someone from Sweden around October. People from other countries are also welcome if they are interested.

Q: What kind of considerations do you give to the foreign employees?

A: There is no special treatment, because we are all members of the same team. You are treated the same whether you are Japanese or a foreigner. However, there are cases where someone might struggle with the Japanese language. I encourage them to not be shy and say whatever they want to say so that we can communicate with each other.

We also asked two foreign employees from China and Belgium on their thoughts regarding their work.

Interview with Wu Tingting, Research & Development

Q: Why did you join the company?

A: I met Mr. Yuichiro Asai, our current CEO & President, at Mie University during my doctoral program. I wanted to work with the latest in agriculture by introducing scientific theories in contemporary agriculture. I thought I could do just that if I joined Asai Nursery.

Q: What is something good about working at Asai Nursery?

A: It has a good working environment. Everyone is very open in communicating with me.  Also, I’m very glad (I joined the company) because it is a workplace where I can make full use of my knowledge and be active globally.

Q: How is your relationship with other employees?

A: There really is no discrimination towards foreign people or Japanese people. It is easy to talk to everyone and we share many common interests and hobbies. We treat each other like friends, like siblings.

Interview with Redouane Haider, Production Development

Q: What is something good about working at Asai Nursery?

A: Everyone is motivated because they are enthusiastic about their work. That helps me to work hard together with them.

Q: How is your relationship with the other employees?

A: Communication is very important to me. I want to build good relationships by talking a lot with the others.

By incorporating state-of-the-art technology and practicing diversity management, Asai Nursery is a company which is changing the image of agriculture. Employees here are not just working at a farm; they are all participating in research. We can see that the motivation of each individual employee and the communication between the youthful staff is helping Asai Nursery to grow even further.

Asai Nursery, Inc. (Kabushikigaisha Asai Nouen)
Established: January 1975 (founded in 1907)
Headquarters Location: Mie-ken Tsu-shi Takanoo-cho 4951

Lastly, Mr. Nomura offered a message of support to foreign residents working in Japan.

「Interview with Nomura Yoshiyuki, Production Manager

A:  I think there is a lot you have to watch out for when working at a Japanese company but there are also many companies where everyone can speak openly. In that sense, I would encourage you not to hesitate too much and try knocking on the door of a Japanese company.

An article written by reporters Wu KeXin and Nguyen Thi Xuan Dao is posted here. A report meeting is scheduled for December.

Articles coverage by foreign reporters
(株式会社浅井農園) (Japanese/Chinese/Vietnamese)

Business visit report meeting
Date and time: Saturday, December 8, 2018 13: 30 ~ 15: 15
Place: Ust Tsu 3rd floor (Tsu-shi Hadokoro-cho 700)

This video was produced with a subsidy from the CLAIR (Council of Local Authorities for International Relations)

Instagram #visitmie Campaign – Post attractions of Mie Prefecture and win prizes

2018/10/17 Wednesday Career, Information Videos

インスタグラム #visitmieキャンペーン ~三重県の魅力を投稿して賞品をゲットしよう~

With the theme of “MIE, Once in Your Lifetime” (Mie prefecture you want to visit once in a lifetime), we are looking for posts of photos and videos on instagram that will last a lifetime of memories.

Inviting everyone to post photos and videos inside the prefecture and win a prize. Great prizes are available for this campaign.

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Application method

  1. Follow Mie prefecture official Instagram account “@visitmie”.
  2. Please post photos and videos that convey the charm of “Mie prefecture you want to visit once in a lifetime”. 「Issho ni ichido wa otozuretai Mie ken一生に一度は訪れたい三重県」
    Of course it is okay to post pictures taken before this campaign!
  3. Applicants must post on their own Instagram account with a hashtag “#visitmie”!

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In addition to honoring the most excellent posts as the “Mie Prefectural Governor Prize”, there are also various awards. More than 50 people will win prizes totaling more than 1 million yen, sponsored by a total of 21 companies inside and outside the prefecture. Also, those who have “Like” on the postings of Mie prefecture official instagram account have a chance to win the Miyoshi prefecture’s specialty goods.

Implementation period

Part 1: September 26, 2018 (Wednesday) to December 3, 2018 (Monday)

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Results will be announced on the WEB site of this campaign during the following period.

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