(2019) Workshop on consumer damage aiming foreign residents

2019年 外国人住民向けの消費者被害防止研修会の参加者を募集します

2019/01/21 Monday Announcements

In Mie Prefecture there is a high percentage of foreign residents and the number of people of foreign nationality living in Japan in temporary or permanent condition is growing.

Considering this number many incidents of involvement in issues related to the consumerist trend of foreign residents are arising.

With a view to provide support to people of foreign nationality to live safely and stably workshops will be carried out in areas with large concentration of foreigners.

  1. Date: February 17, 2019 (Saturday) 10:10a.m. to 11:10a.m. (reception begins at 9:50 a.m.)
  2. Location: Research Center for supporting children in Matsusaka (Matsusaka-shi Kodomo shien Kenkyu Center) Meeting room on the 2nd floor (Matsusaka-shi Kawaimachi 690-1)
  3. Subject: Protect yourself against problems related to contracts!
    Panelists: Staff from Consumer Life Center Section of Safety and Subsistence Mie Prefecture Department of Environment (Mie-ken Kankyo Seikatsu-bu Kurashi Koutsu ansen-ka Shouhi Seikatsu Center-han)
    Workshop content: Explanations related to prevention of damages to consumers offering pamphlets in many idioms, screening of incidents through DVD, question and answer session, among others.
    *Interpreters for Portuguese, Spanish, Filipino, English and Chinese will be available.
  4. Target audience: Foreign residents living in Mie Prefecture or people seeking support
  5. Capacity: 30 people (first come first serve basis)
  6. Participation is free of charge
  7. How to register
    Fill in the required items on the back of the pamphlet and submit it to Mie International Foundation Exchange by FAX or e-mail until February 8 (friday).
  8. Address for contact and registration
    Okumura and Ikari from Mie International Exchange Foundation
    TEL: 059-223-5006  FAX: 059-223-5007  E-mail: mief@mief.or.jp
    Homepage: http://www.mief.or.jp/
    Click here to open the PDF
  9. Organization Mie Prefecture
    Project realization (Management) Mie International Exchange Foundation (MIEF)

Beware of virtual currency troubles

2019/01/21 Monday Announcements


Problems related to the so-called “virtual currency” which is electronically traded through the Internet are increasing. There are also cases where problems are caused by investing in association with virtual currency exchange. Learn about points to be aware of when using the virtual currency so that you will not be in trouble.

Main Points that we should be aware of

  1. Virtual currency is not a “legal currency” that the country guarantees its value like Japanese yen and dollar. It is an electronic data exchanged on the Internet.
  2. Virtual currency price may fluctuate. There is a possibility that the price of the virtual currency plummets and loses.
  3. Virtual currency exchangers in Japan must be registered in the Financial Services Agency / Finance Bureau. Please confirm from the following URL whether they are a registered business operator.
  4. When dealing in virtual currency, be sure to fully understand the business description and risks (price fluctuation risk, cyber security risk, etc.).

Consultation window for complainants

Consumer hotline

TEL: 188

*If you call, you will hear an announcement and you will be referred to your local municipal consumption consultation counter or the Mie-ken Shohi Seikatsu Center

Source: Consumer Agency “Beware of troubles regarding virtual currency!