Drunk driving cases is on the rise!


2023/10/04 Wednesday Announcements, Security

2023 saw a sharp increase in the number of fatal accidents caused by drunk driving.  At the end of June, there were 22 fatal accidents caused by drunk drivers, an increase of six compared to the same period last year.  There were also four fatal accidents in which four people died as a result of drivers driving under the influence of alcohol.

Drinking and driving is prohibited not only in cars and motorcycles, but also in electric kickboards and other vehicles, and is punishable by law in case of violation.  Drinking and driving bicycles is also prohibited and can be punished in case of infraction.

Driving while intoxicated is a criminal offense.  Drinking alcohol impairs your judgment and increases the risk of a serious traffic accident.

If a drunk driver causes a traffic accident that results in bodily injury or death, he or she will be subject to more serious penalties, such as negligent driving for reckless driving.

Other malicious offenses include offering alcohol to a person who is driving a motor vehicle, providing a vehicle to a person who will be driving under the influence of alcohol, and being a passenger in a vehicle driven by a drunk driver, all acts that are also punishable in the same way. than the driver.

If you have the opportunity to drink, try to use public transport, ask someone who is not drunk to drive the vehicle and take steps to avoid drunk driving.

Be aware that drunk driving is something that should never be done, should never be allowed, should never be tolerated, and should be eradicated.

Click here for information about drunk driving-related accidents.

Contact information (in Japanese language only)

Mieken Kankyo Seikatsu-bu Kurashi Koutsu Anzen-ka Koutsu Anzen-han

Telephone number: 059-224-2410

Message to all foreign residents who have a My Number Card

2023/10/04 Wednesday Announcements, Security


If you have extended your period of stay, you must also extend the validity period of your My Number card.

  • The validity period of the My Number card issued to foreign residents is until the expiry date of their visa period.
  • The expiration date of the My Number card is not automatically renewed even if the visa period is renewed.
  • If you do not renew your My Number card at city hall, it will expire.
  • If your My Number card expires, you will need to pay a reissuance fee (1,000 yen).

If you are unable to renew your My Number Card due to the time required for the period of stay renewal inspection:

You can extend the validity of your My Number Card for up to two months by presenting a Zairyu Card stamped with the seal “requesting extension of period of stay” to the city hall counter (Zairyu Kikan Koushin Shinsei-chu – 在留期間更新申請中) when requesting renewal of the period of stay.

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  Telephone numbers where you can consult about the My Number Card 0120-0178-27
Languages ​​and Opening Hours English, Chinese, Korean, Spanish and Portuguese 9:30~20:00
Thai, Nepali and Indonesian 9:00~18:00
Vietnamese and Filipino 10:00~19:00