Car Tax Payment Deadline 2017 (H29)

2017年 自動車税は納期限について

2017/05/09 Tuesday Highlights, Information

This year’s deadline for tax payments is May 31st (Wednesday).

Every citizen owning a vehicle must pay this tax once a year. And the money collected is used for education, improving health and welfare services, transportation infrastructure maintenance, unemployment benefits, disaster preparedness and many other important government initiatives.

Every owner of a vehicle has already received an envelope containing a picture of a red car (see the model below).

Automobile Tax Payments can be made through the bank and also through others facilities including convenience stores.  You can also use a credit card to pay your tax (over the internet).

If the deadline expires, a “late payment fee” will be charged along with the automobile tax.

And for those who do not pay even after receiveing the late payment notice, a penalty determined by law will be applied, and material assets may be seized such as vehicles, salary, among others.

Make the payment until May 31st.

Your Tax Payment receipt is required when you take your vehicle for an inspection (shaken) so please keep it in a safe place.

[2017] Proficiency Level of Upper Secondary School Graduates

2017/05/09 Tuesday Highlights, Information


The Certificate for Students Achieving the Proficiency Level of Upper Secondary School Graduates is a test offered twice a year to individuals who did not complete their senior high school.

Individuals can take the test multiple times and combine the best scores from each section to form an overall passing score. This means that individuals taking this test do not need to pass all sections in one sitting to pass the overall tests.

Individuals that pass this test are able to take entrance exams for university, junior college and vocational school.

Additionally, test takers that pass this test are certified as having knowledge equivalent or higher to a high school graduate, and they may cite this result on resumes and when applying qualifications tests.

But, it cannot be reported as the last academic background and high school completion.

Registration for this test is open to anyone who will be age 16 or above as of March, 31 2018. Full-time senior high school students may also take this test. Students who have already been accepted at a university may not take this exam. Those who wish to register for the exam should reference the information provided below.

  1. Distribution period of test guidebook :
    1st period: from April, 5 (Wednesday) to May, 10, 2017 (Wednesday)
    2nd period: from July 21(Friday) to September, 14, 2017 (Thursday)
  2. How to obtain test guidebook
    (1)  Collect in person:
    – At “Kenmin no KoeSodanshitsu” (Mie Kencho 1F – 〒514-8570 Mie-kenTsu-shiKomei-cho 13 Banchi)
    – At “Ken KyoikuIinkaiJimukyoku – ShakaiKyoiku, BunkazaiHogo-ka” (Mie kencho 7F )
    – Prefectural Office Branches “KakuKencho-sha” (for more details, see the List of the facilities distributing the test guidebook)
     (2) Via post
    When requesting information by post, include a self-addressed (name, address and postal code) and stamped (250 yen) number 2 (240mmX332mm) envelope to request 1 unit of test guidebook.
    <  Send to>
    〒  514-8570 ( no address necessary)
    .※  Individuals may also apply online. Please contact us to find out how.
    See more necessary information accessing the following link: How to apply online.
  3. How to apply
    Using the return envelope included in your test information materials, mail your application to the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (MEXT)
  4. Application period 
    1st period: from April, 21(Friday) to May, 10, 2017 (Wednesday).
    ※  Applications postmarked on May, 10th, 2017 (Wednesday) will be accepted 2nd period: from August, 31 (Thrusday) to September, 14, 2017 (Thursday).
    ※  Applications postmarked on September, 14th, 2017 (Thrusday) will be accepted.
  5. Test date 
    1st period: August, 2 (Wednesday) and August, 3, 2017 (Thursday)
    2nd period: November, 11(Saturday) and November, 12, 2017 (Sunday)
  6. Test location
    1st period: Mie Daigaku (Tsu-shi, Kurima-machiYa-cho 1577 )
    2nd period: Mie Kencho – kodo (Tsu-shi, Komei-cho 13 Banchi)

For enquiries (only in Japanese) please contact:
Mie-ken Kyoiku Iinkai Jimukyoku Shakai KyōikuBunkazai Hogoka
(Mie Prefectural Board of Education Office, Social Education and Cultural Property Conservation Division)
〒  514-8570 Tsu-shi, Komei-cho 13 Banchi
From 8:30 a.m. to 5:15 p.m. (working days)

For more information, please access the following the links: