Exploring Mie: Central Area


2013/07/23 Tuesday Exploring Mie

Area central de Mie

A Door to the Past

In the Edo Period Matsusaka prospered both as a castle town and as a major trading center, due to the many merchants and Ise-bound pilgrims who made their way through this town. Even today, many historical points of interest scattered through the area attest to the past prosperity of the district. Nearby Osugi Valley and Okukahada Gorge offer beautiful scenery.


1- Okukahada Gorge (Matsusaka City)
2- Gojoban Yashiki(Castle Guards House)     (Matsusaka City)

Okukahada Gorge

This ravine along the upper reaches of the Kushida River features a breathtaking view of huge boulders, primeval forest, and waterfalls both large and small.

  • 90-minute bus ride to the Hotel Smeall bus stop from Matsusaka Station on the JR or Kintetsu lines

Gojoban Yashiki

Matsusaka Castle, built in 1588, now remains as a park with stone wall being the only original structure. Outside of the rear gate are 19 townhouses where castle guards and their families once resided. The stone paved street lined with these townhouses and Maki (Japanese Yew) hedges, unique to this area, gives visitors a glimpse of the old days of the samurai.

  • 5-minute walk from the Shiyakusho-mae bus stop after a ride from Matsusaka Station on the JR or Kintetsu lines
3- Sakakibara Spa (Tsu City) 4- Shinshu Takada Honzan Senshu-ji Temple (Tsu City)

Sakakibara Spa

One of the three most famous hot springs in Japan, Sakakibara Spa has been popular since ancient times. It is mentioned in the Makuranososhi(Pillow Book) of Sei Shonagon, a female writer and member of the lmperial court during the 10th century, where it is referred to as “Nanakuri-no-yu”.

  • 30-minute bus ride from Hisai Station on the Kintetsu Line or 15-minute bus ride from Sakakibara-onsenguchi Station on the Kintetsu Line

Shinshu Takada Honzan

The largest temple in Mie Prefecture, this is the head temple of the Shinshu Takada sect, which practices one form of Buddhism. The temple complex features many beautiful buildings, including the Miei-do, and a museum housing the temple’s national treasures and valuable cultural artifacts.

  • 5-minute walk from Ishinden station on the JR line
5- Kitabatake House Garden (Tsu City)
6- Saiku Historical Museum (Meiwa Town)

Kitabatake House

A Japanese garden in Kitabatake shrine is designated a national historic site and is one of the best three gardens once owned by samurai warriors. The marvelous Muromachi Period garden was designed by Takakuni Hosokawa, a warrior in 16th century, and is known for its complex design of Komeji-ike pond and Japanese rock garden (karesansui) and the beautiful foliage.

  • 10-minute ride from Ise-okitsu Station on the JR Line

Saiku Historical Museum

This museum is located in a part of Saiku that was the former location of the palace of the unmarried Imperial Princess Saioh who served at Ise Jingu Shrine as a representative of the Emperor, and a former location of government offices.  Various kinds of materials and excavated relics are displayed to aid an understanding of the history and culture of Saiku.

  • 15-minute walk from Saiku Station on the Kintetsu Line
7- Aoyama Plateau (Tsu City)
8- Misugi Resort Hotels & Spa (Tsu City)

Aoyama Plateau

This gently sloping highland is located 600 to 700 meters above sea level. Red azaleas blanket the region from mid-April to mid- May, and a local resort offers tennis courts, a golf course, and an equestrian club.

  • 2-hour walk from Nishi-aoyama Station on the Kintetsu Line

Misugi Resort Hotels

This is a comprehensive resort and leisure facility located in a luxurious, natural environment, with nine different facilities including an amusement park, swimming pool, ranch, and “experience factory.”  You can stay at the hotels while enjoying this relaxing resort complex.

  • 10-minute walk from Ise-yachi Station on the JR Line,30-minute ride on a free shuttle bus from Sakakibara Onsen Station on    the Kintetsu Line (reservations necessary)
9- Matsusaka Merchant House (Matsusaka City)

Matsusaka Merchant

Matsusaka prospered as a commercial center during The Edo period. The restored home of the Ozu family, typical of wealthy merchant families of the period, has been opened to the public. Valuable and rare products of the period are on display, offering a glimpse of the lifestyle of that period.

  • Near Matsusaka station on the JR or Kintetsu lines

Map of Central Area

mapa - regiao central de mie

Mie Prefecture Public Utilities Agency Water Purification Plant Open Day

2013/07/23 Tuesday Exploring Mie


Mie Prefecture Public Utilities Agency Water Purification Plant Open Day
Let’s Learn About Water!

On August 4th the Public Utilities Agency will be opening the doors to its three water purification facilities, the Harima, Takano and Taki water purification plants, for one day only. This is a rare opportunity to take a look inside at how these facilities work, we would also like to invite elementary and middles school students to join our summer holiday research lab!

This event is free and requires no reservations.

 When: Sunday, 4th August 2013 from 10am to 3pm.
Note: if a weather warning is announced for Mie Prefecture on the day of the event it will be cancelled, we ask for your understanding.

Venues:  Harima Water Purification Plant ( 1798 Yakio, Harima, Kuwana City )
Enquiries: Hokusei Water Works Office 059-351-1561

Takano Water Purification Plant ( 1996 Takano, Ichishi-cho, Tsu City )
Enquiries: Chusei Water Works Office 059-295-0200

Taki Water Purification Plant ( 1710 Ooka, Taki-cho, Taki-gun )
Enquiries: Nansei Water Works Office 059-38-2497

Note: for maps to each location please see the flyer attached. Enquiries can only be taken in Japanese.

Event Details:

– Tour of the water purification facilities (20-30mins)

–  Learn how to purify water (turn muddy water to clean water!)

–  See emergency water trucks up close

–  At the Harima Plant learn about disaster preparation and take a ride on an earthquake simulation truck

–  Answer our questionnaire and you could win disaster kit goods in our prize draw

–  Visitors will all receive our original Public Utility Agency water bottle and clear file.

Note: events may vary between venues and there may be changes due to unforeseen circumstances. We ask for your understanding.

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