Individual Number System has begun

My NUMBER - DestaqueFrom October 25, all citizens will be notified on My Number (social security; taxes) consisting of 12 digits. My Number is an unique number system for each citizen, and it will be very important since it will be necessary for procedures at city hall and other government bodies. Let’s learn more about the system.

[Interview with Mr. Nakai from Planning and Strategic Management sector of Mie Prefecture]


What is My Number?

“My Number is a number consisting of 12 digits that will be given (notified) to all those with household registration in Japan. It is a system that will be used in social security, taxes, as well as in cases of natural disasters, aiming a fair and equitable society. With the individual number, citizen’s information that were divided and recorded in several government bodies, will be unified and easy to consult, with the merit to ease up the procedures related to the government”.


Where My Number will be used?

“My Number will be used in the procedures related to retirement, health insurance, unemployment insurance, aid for subsistence, milk grant benefit, as well as in the procedure of tax return and other fiscal procedures. In the procedures related to taxes and social health insurance, the individual number may be requested by the employer and bank branches.”

When citizens will be notified on their individual number?

“Notification containing the individual number of the protocol will be delivered between October 20 and the end of November at the address registered with local government via registered mail. Those who prefer, the issuing of My Number Card, with photo like this, may be requested from January 2016, in the local city hall.”

How to proceed in the case of not receiving the notification?

“Citizens who do not receive the notification even after the end of November must contact the information desk of the local city hall.”

What are the procedures for issuing My Number Card?

“It can be requested for free through mail by sending a request that will be sent along with the notification. It is also possible to make the request via internet. Once My Number card issuing is requested, either the notification or protocol must be returned.”

What are the precautions should we take on My Number Card?

“The front side of My Number Card can be used as a document of identification in several fields. However, the individual number will be registered in the back of the card and this side must not be copied except for bodies determined by the law, therefore everyone must be careful with it. Be careful not to give your individual number for other people.

Lately there have been several cases of larceny. No government body will contact citizen in person or by phone requesting the individual number, so be careful with this as well.”

How to proceed if we lose My Number Card?

“If you lose the notification containing the protocol or My Number card, contact the information desk of the local city hall for reissuing.”


How to proceed in the case of changing the information registered on the card?  (name, address)

“When changing the name due to marriage, or change of address, contact the local city hall information desk and proceed with the formalities for the renewal of the information registered on the card.”

“Mie Travel Guide” – Tourism Information Website in Foreign Languages

「Mie Travel Guide」の閲覧方法について


The new website of Mie Prefecture on tourist information “Mie Travel Guide”, will be disclosing information on tourism spots in cooperation with Trip Advisor.

How to browse on “Mie Travel Guide”

  • Access the home page: URL: and select English, Chinese (traditional or simplified) or Korean
  • Click on the information you want to view
  • After access Trip Advisor website, select the desired language (on computer screen, select the flag of the country on the upper right-hand side)



*”Mie Tourism Guide” ( operational system has been shut down on late September 2015, and, for an undetermined period, search contents on the website will be redirected to “Mie Travel Guide”.