About International Marriage and Divorce


2015/08/24 Monday Daily life and laws.

Image4Do you know the term [Kokusai Kekkon] International Marriage? It is a term related to marriage of people from different nationalities.

In the case of an International Marriage, it is necessary to observe the law of the home country from each person involved. The laws, documents and procedures may vary depending on the country.

During this lecture on international marriage, lecturers introduced information and some important procedures for an international marriage.

Interview – Mr. Inagaki Masafumi

“The conditions to get married are different either in Japan, Philippines, Brazil or Peru. Therefore, it is necessary to be within both conditions. For example, in Japan the minimum age to get married is 16 years old, but in Philippines is 18 meaning that a person of Filipino nationality can only get married in Japan when above 18 years old and confirm with documents.”

Interview- Mr. Ishikawa EtsuoImage5

“An international marriage happens when two people from different nationalities are legally getting married. For example, if a person of Japanese nationality gets married someone of Brazilian nationality, Filipino, American, etc, to this union we denominate [Kokusai Kekkon]”

Q1) What are the important procedures in order for two people from different nationalities get married?

“For example, if it is a marriage between a Japanese and a Brazilian national, it is necessary to observe the law in both countries, which factor determines as necessary document in order to consolidate the marriage. In Japan, some documents are required and must be requested along with a Brazilian registry, a birth certificate.

Documents also confirming through a testimonial declaration that the person, through two witness confirming the celibacy, and so on. From Japanese side is simpler, since the [Koseki Tohon] is a unique document where you have conditions to observe the celibacy.”

Just as there are many procedures to follow when there is an international marriage, the same occurs when there is a divorce involving laws and aspects from different countries. Some problems may occur: change of name, division of property, permit of stay, custody of children, among others.

Image2Interview – Mr. Inagaki Masafumi

“Divorce procedure is similar to the marriage, since the conditions are different from each country. Therefore, the conditions must be in agreement with both countries. For example, if the country’s law of one of the spouses just define the divorce through a judicial procedure, just after the accomplishment of it, the start of the procedure in Japan is allowed.

To answer the questions, first and foremost, look for a lawyer of your country, as this you will know the procedures. Or consult lawyers or clericals like us, as well as Houmu Kyoku (Judicial Issue Agency).”

Interview- Mr. Ishikawa EtsuoImage1

“Regarding international marriage, observe the laws and gather the documents. In the case of international divorce due to a failed marriage is more complicated. Since following the laws of just one country will not determine the divorce. For example, if a divorce between a couple of Brazilian nationality and a Japanese, as much as the formalities in Japan are forward, if the federal justice in Brazil does not certificate, the divorce will not be determined. After concluding the accomplishments, all the procedures of Japanese law, you having to homologate, in the case of Brazil, through the competent justice on the third instance that would be the federal justice of Brazil.”

Every citizen is free to constitute a family with someone no matter the nationality. Recently the number of international marriage have increased significantly. But it is important to respect the laws and understand the necessary procedures in order to eventual problems regarding international marriage and divorce do not happen.


Image6Interview – Mr. Inagaki Masafumi

“Population in Japan will decrease gradually, that’s why I would like many foreigners come to Japan. Therefore, come to Japan, stay for a long time and have many children here. With this, in the future, Japan will be a happier country. We will give all the support, so get married here and have many children. Ganbatte kudasai.”

Interview- Mr. Ishikawa EtsuoImage7

“I have no advice to give, but marriage is something natural for all human being. We born and develop. Marriage is part of this natural evolution. The international marriage begins with the union of two different cultures. When this kind of union fails and evolves to the negative side, a disagreement, a gap in the culture, where people are not able to understand each other, decide to break up. Consult qualified professionals to know the procedures and laws. Look for qualified professionals so they will help in the proper way.

When you think in divorce, do not leave the situation without a resolution. In the case leaving it in a similar situation, look for a professional. This is the message I leave to the community.”

Metal Molding Course (2015/October)

2015/08/24 Monday Daily life and laws.

平成27年10月8日~平成28年3月17日 三重県立津高等技術学校「金属成形科」受講者募集について

Information on the course for foreigners with some or no work experience and are interested in welding work

Mie Kenritsu Tsu Koto Gijutsu Gakko (technical school)

Vacancies for Metal Holding Course – October  2015

destaque koutou gakkou


The goal is to work in companies with the following content:

  • Iron structure = welding, machining and thin metal sheets processing
  • Metal pieces production= welding and press working
  • Steel products manufacturing= metal sheet production process


  • yosetsuJIS welding certification (SA-2F basic grade)
  • Certification of skill training course of gas welding registered by  Ministry of Labor.
  • Certification of safety and health special education in Arc Welding.
  • Certification of safety and health special education of grinding wheels.

◆Available places: 10

◆Training Period:

From October 8, 2015 (Thursday) to March 17, 2016 (Thursday)= 6- months period

(There is no training on Saturdays, Sundays and holidays)

Hour: from 8:30 am to 3:40 pm


  • Classes are free.
  • When registering, a fee of ¥20.000 is required to acquire the uniform, protection equipment and accident insurance.
  • For those who wish to take JIS welding test, a fee of ¥10.000 is required (optional)

◆Target audience

For people interested in acquiring basic knowledge on metal modeling and get a job in the industry should meet one of the following requirements:

1) For foreigners whose permanent visa does not limit labor activities

※ People interested in the course should have a daily conversation level of Japanese, at least katakana and hiragana reading.

2)For those with some or no work experience.

◎People receiving unemployment insurance or are registered on a public employment agency (Hello Work), must consult the respective offices.

◆Selection process

For those interested in performing the training it is necessary to get information at Hello Work.


  • Orientation Day

1º) September 4, 2015 (Friday)
2º) September 14, 2015 (Monday)
3º) September 24, 2015 (Thursday)

(Attention: if places are completed on the first day of the test, the other days will not be held)

  • All people interested in the course be sure to go to Hello Work.

Or contact the school until 5 pm on the previous day  of selection process.

Selection process consists in explanation on course, formalities for registration, vocational test, hiragana test and individual interview.

  • On examination day, people must arrive at Tsu technical school until 9 am.
  • On examination day be sure to bring
  • Material to write (black pen, pencil and eraser)
  • Personal stamp (Shachihata model will not be accepted)
  • One of the following items:
    1. For those receiving unemployment insurance, the KOYO HOKEN JUKYU SHIKAKUSHA-SHO

    2. For those who do not meet the requirement cited above,  bring an identification document (JIDOSHA MENKYO-SHO, KENKO HOKEN-SHO, among others)
    ※ Foreigners must bring the ZAIRYU CARD.

◆For people who are pass the exam

(1) People who pass the exam will receive a notification by mail. Follow the instructions on the notification to enroll the course.

(2) We request the comprehension from those who are not able to join the course, if the number of people interested in it exceeds the limit.

◆ Closest access through public transport

JR= 15 min on foot from Takachaya Station

Kintetsu= get off at Hisai station, higashi guchi (west exit), take a bus from Sanko bus to Kumozukoukan, get off at Takachaya Danchi Mae and walk for 5 minutes.

◆ Place for information, registration and  course performing

Tsu-shi, Takachaya Komori-cho 1176-2

Mie Kenritsu Tsu Kouto Gijutsu Gakko

Kinzoku Seikei-ka Nyukou Tanto: Hiraga, Maeda (people in charge of  metal modeling course)

Tel: 059-234-2839


Home page: http://www.tcp-ip.or.jp/~tsutech/bosyuu/tanki/bosyuu_kinzoku.html