Symposium about Earthquake Prevention

2012年7月1日(日) に伊賀市で 「災害にも強い多文化共生地域づくり事業シンポジウム」が開催されます

2012/06/07 Thursday Seminars and Events

Title: Symposium about Earthquake Prevention
Location: High Topia Iga 5F, Ueno-shi Station South Side (the new building)
Date: Sunday, 1st July 2012
1pm – 4pm > (1:30pm start)

Description: Earthquakes: Will I be OK if I just stock up on water?

There were many foreign residents caught up in the Great East Japan
Earthquake last year.
What was the earthquake like and how did their lives change in the
days that followed?
Listen to the accounts of how they and their communities helped each other.

Portuguese and Chinese interpretation available.
English interpretation NOT available.

If you would like to join the seminar call NPO Tsutamaru

Office: 059-23-0912 > Cell phone: 080-3287-2636


Tsu starts System information for disaster prevention

2012/06/07 Thursday Seminars and Events

津市防災情報メール多言語版の配 信が始まりました

The Tsu City Disasters Prevention Informative Email Service will now send alerts in multiple languages.

In order to provide quick and accurate information in the event of a landslide, floods caused by heavy rain, an earthquake, a tsunami, etc., the City of Tsu has implemented an email alert system that sends emergency information to registered mobile phones. The information contained in these alerts will contain the same information that is broadcast over the wireless public announcement system during large scale emergencies.

Until recently, alerts sent via the Tsu City Disasters Prevention Informative Email Service were sent only in Japanese. However, residents can now choose to have alerts sent to them in English, Portuguese, Spanish, Tagalog, or easy-to-understand Japanese.

The registration process will differ slightly according to your preferred language. For more details on how to register, please see the PDF document (733KB).

For more information please contact:

Tsu City Crisis Management Department, Crisis Management Division

Tel: 059-229-3281

(We can only reply to enquiries in Japanese. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause)