Employee recruitment screening for persons with physical and mental disabilities (Reiwa 01 – 2019)


2019/09/09 Monday Career

In accordance with the purpose of the Act on Promotion of Employment of Persons with Disabilities, the Mie prefecture official recruitment selection for people with disabilities will be implemented to promote employment for disabled people living in Mie Prefecture.

Screening contents

Job category Available positions Job description
General Administrative Field    General Affairs 3 positions General Administrative Field General Affairs 3 positions General administrative activities at the Governor’s Office (Chiji Bukyoku), Educational Committee (Kyouiku Iinkai), Business Department (Kigyo-cho), Medical Activities Department (Byouin Jigyou-cho)
Office work (Police) Around 2 persons General office work for police and driver’s license administration, police activities to guide young offenders and fingerprint assessment, etc.
Office work (Schools) Around 2 persons General office work in municipal primary and secondary schools (shogakko / chugakko)

* You can take the exam in Braille.  (You can use a voice computer for guidance.)

  1. Requirements
  • Born between April 2, 1985 and April 1, 2002
  • Have a disability card with a degree between 1 and 6
  • OR have an intellectual disability card.
  • Resides in the province of Mie (except for persons temporarily residing outside the province for study or other reasons)
  • People who do not qualify under Article 16 of the Local Public Service Law (地方公務員法第16条)
  • People who are not a Japanese nationals are also eligible to enroll in the screening test, but it will be conducted in Japanese only..

However, to take the screening test in the “police office work” category, you must be a Japanese national.

  1. Application period
    August 23 (Friday) until September 20, 2019 (Friday)
    *Internet registration will close at noon on September 20th (Friday)
  2. Screening date
    First screening: October 27, 2019 (Sunday)
    Second screening: choose a day between November 25 (Monday) until December 6, 2019 (Friday)
  3. Others

Contact information

三重県人事委員会事務局 (Mie-ken Jinji Iinkai Jimukyoku)
Mie Prefecture Human Resources Commission Secretariat
〒514-0004 Tsu-shi Sakae-cho 1 chome 891
Mie-ken Rodosha Fukushi Kaikan 4F – TEL: 059-224-2932)

About the application for nurseries/kindergartens (April 2020)

2019/09/09 Monday Career


If parents are unable to care for their children (0 to 5 years old) at home before reaching elementary school for reasons such as work, illness, nursing care, etc., childcare facilities, etc. are instructed to take care of the child instead of the parents.

Applications for child care services after April 1, 2020 in many towns and cities are from September to October 2019. For guardians who wish to use the child care, please do the procedures before the application deadline.

Information about nurseries, kindergartens, among others, in Mie province.

*Procedures are different depending on the city. For detailed information, ask the child care directly or consult with the department in charge of your city or town to check and confirm.

[Reference] Support book for child care and nurseries for foreign parents (Gaikokujin Hogosha muke Hoikusho/Hoiku Jigyo no Goriyou Support Book – 外国人保護者向け保育所・保育事業のご利用サポートブック)

(Created by: Gifu-ken Kokusai Koryu Center)