The Value of Education [Education Séries]

[教育シリーズ⑨] 教育の大切さ

2014/03/24 Monday Education, Education

In this series of videos we have introduced the Japanese education system from nursery school to university, and the various scholarship funds available to students. It is a long journey from a child’s first day of school to their first day of work as an adult.

japanese school graduation2

How does one’s education affect their work as an adult in society? How far does your academic history affect your life? We spoke to two people about their experiences.

– Interview with director of Mie Kenritsu Iino Koutougakkou Mr. Masahiro Miyaji.

1 – About professional pathways for graduates

Director of Mie Kenritsu Iino Koutougakkou <br>Mr. Masahiro Miyaji

Director of Mie Kenritsu Iino Koutougakkou Mr. Masahiro Miyaji

Most graduates of our school enter in universities. Among the foreign students, many of them also enter in universities. In recent years, we have many students accepted in well attended universities like Doushisha and Kansai.
There are also many foreign students who choose to work after graduation, and similarly to Japanese students, many of them have been  hired in manufacturing, welfare and aesthetics areas, among others.
We guide students to not choose temporary jobs, but they can be effectively employed to make career and may have a significant salary increase by lenght of service. Foreign students have also been hired as permanent employees. In recent years, we had students  who become racecar drivers and others were employed by Uniqlo.

2 – About “The importance of studies”
Here in Japan, to get a job, you need at least the high school graduation. So, it is necessary to strive studies during all school years to ensure the employment in any company.
From now, foreign students must not  aim at companies where there is only foreigners, but like Japanese, they will need to work as equals in any field of work.
For this to be possible,  conversation skills will be necessary, but, in addition, to read and write  Japanese language will be essential. Focus on studies in high school not only help to enhance the language, but will bring more knowledge about general topics.

3 – Message to foreign residents
In our school, there are many students with excellent academic performance despite having little time living in Japan. These students continue dedicating themselves firmly in the studies.
Little effort does not bring good results, but with continued dedication, you will be able to get better grades.
Just before, I commented on a student who joined Doushisha University. She struggled with the language during high school and even in college. She never gave up and always worked hard, therefore, could realize the dream of being hired by a company of foreign trade.
We are in times where there are difficulties to be employed in a company we desire. There are many other examples like this graduated student that was mentioned, and, regardless of nationality, they always dedicated to their studies and were able to achieve the objectives successfully. From now on, foreigner or Japanese, the labor market will be well attended in any field of work, so  I desire all of you never give up and always strive in your studies.

Interview with Takeo Bruno – College Student

1 – How was your journey until you reach the University?

Takeo Bruno - College Student

Takeo Bruno – College Student

I came to Japan when I was 7 years old, and, at that time, I had no understanding of Japanese language, so I went through many difficulties. During the first 2 years of elementary school, I was overseas, which caused me oblivion of Japanese language.
And, when I came back in the 3rd grade of elementary school, I faced a major obstacle, which was not only the understanding of language, but of all I should know about the content that was taught in the first 2 years. But, all my colleagues were very kind and helped me after the end of classes, it was very important.
My goal was to enter in University, but I faced one of the biggest obstacles, which was not only the Japanese language ability or knowledge, but the financial part, it was a big and tough obstacle. I sought information and I could finally get a student loan and go to college as well. It was a hard path, it was like a miracle to have managed to beat it.

2 – What are your career plans?
I’m very interested in doing something grand, worldwide, mainly in the area of ​​foreign trade. It would be an achievement to become the link between one country and another.

3 – What is important for the achievement of dreams?
There is a big difference between just having completed high school and be completing college. Upon completion of college, we are beginning a new stage of life, so I think it is necessary to get this condition.

japanese school graduation

It takes a lot of effort to make your dreams a reality and suceed in society, but your education is the first step to making it happen.

We hope that through education and learning the road to a bright future opens up for all foreign residents in Japan.

[Kumano] Treasure Hunt Event – Discover new sides to Higashi-Kishuu

2014/03/24 Monday Education, Education


Treasure Hunt Event – Discover new sides to Higashi-Kishuu

Event Marking the 10th Anniversary of the Old Kumano Road’s World Heritage Status

To celebrate the tenth anniversary of the Old Kumano Road as a World Heritage Site and to introduce and promote the charms of the local town and area, we’ll be holding a treasure hunt! Join us on a search for hidden treasures!

1 When:
Friday, 21st March to Sunday, 23rd of March 2014.
Registration between 9am and 4pm.

2 Treasure Hunt Ground:
Nagashima-chi area of Kii-Nagashima-ku in Kihoku-cho Mie Prefecture

3 Participation information pamphlet and treasure map available at:

– Katai Plaza (Katai no Hiroba Treasure Hunt Booth located in the Treasure Hunt Ground:Kihoku-cho Kii-Nagashima-ku Nagashima 937)
– Michi no Eki Kii-Nagashima Manbo(Kihoku-cho Kii-Nagashima-ku Higashi Nagashima 2410-73)

(If you will be arriving by car please use the Nagashima Port car park (free) during the event)

4 Report your treasure hunt finds at:
Treasure Hunt booth in the Katai Plaza (Katai no Hiroba)

5 Participation Fee:Free

6 How to take part:

(1)You can take part by collecting a treasure hunt information pamphlet and treasure map from the locations listed above.
(2)Search for the locations of three treasure chests located within the hunt area by solving the clues in the pamphlet.
(3)Make a note of the keywords found inside the treasure chests and present them to the treasure hunt booth in Katai Plaza. You will receive a small prize for your participation and have the chance to be entered into a prize draw. (The local shops around the area can help you solve the clues by giving hints!)

 kumano - treasure