[Kumano] Treasure Hunt Event – Discover new sides to Higashi-Kishuu


2014/03/17 Monday Seminars and Events

Treasure Hunt Event – Discover new sides to Higashi-Kishuu

Event Marking the 10th Anniversary of the Old Kumano Road’s World Heritage Status

To celebrate the tenth anniversary of the Old Kumano Road as a World Heritage Site and to introduce and promote the charms of the local town and area, we’ll be holding a treasure hunt! Join us on a search for hidden treasures!

1 When:
Friday, 21st March to Sunday, 23rd of March 2014.
Registration between 9am and 4pm.

2 Treasure Hunt Ground:
Nagashima-chi area of Kii-Nagashima-ku in Kihoku-cho Mie Prefecture

3 Participation information pamphlet and treasure map available at:

– Katai Plaza (Katai no Hiroba Treasure Hunt Booth located in the Treasure Hunt Ground:Kihoku-cho Kii-Nagashima-ku Nagashima 937)
– Michi no Eki Kii-Nagashima Manbo(Kihoku-cho Kii-Nagashima-ku Higashi Nagashima 2410-73)

(If you will be arriving by car please use the Nagashima Port car park (free) during the event)

4 Report your treasure hunt finds at:
Treasure Hunt booth in the Katai Plaza (Katai no Hiroba)

5 Participation Fee:Free

6 How to take part:

(1)You can take part by collecting a treasure hunt information pamphlet and treasure map from the locations listed above.
(2)Search for the locations of three treasure chests located within the hunt area by solving the clues in the pamphlet.
(3)Make a note of the keywords found inside the treasure chests and present them to the treasure hunt booth in Katai Plaza. You will receive a small prize for your participation and have the chance to be entered into a prize draw. (The local shops around the area can help you solve the clues by giving hints!)

 kumano - treasure

[Mie Adventure Park] Traditional games and toys are fun! Art Workshop

2014/03/17 Monday Seminars and Events


Traditional games and toys are fun! Art Workshop: Let’s make Colourful Spinning Tops

Create your own original spinning top design with colored pens.

image001When: Workshop will take place on Friday 21st March, Saturday 22nd and Sunday 23rd of March 2014.
Workshop length: 50 mins approx.
Participant requirements: Open to all from babies upwards.

Workshop limited to 50 participants only (first come, first served.)

To take part please register on the day of the workshop by filling in the sign-up sheet at the 1st floor entrance reception desk.

Workshop times: ①10:00~11:30②13:00~15:30
Location: 3F Art Space

Children must be accompanied by a parent or guardian.
Participation fee: 300 yen per spinning top

・You can register to take part from 9:30am on the day of the workshop
・Participation is first come, first served
・Activities may change due to unforeseen circumstances, we ask for your understanding.

LocationMAP Mie Kids’ Castle (Kodomo no Shiro) Mie Ken Matsusaka shi Tachino cho 1291