Food Truck Event in front of Tsu Station ~“Tsueki Mae Market”: A fun social experience~

津駅前にキッチンカーがやってきます ~賑わいの社会実験(津駅前マルシェ)の実施~

2022/10/20 Thursday Announcements, Culture and Leisure

As a way of promoting social activities in Mie, 15 food trucks and shops will be open for a limited time on the streets near the East exit of Tsu Station. There are chairs and tables available! Have fun with this new Tsu Station!


October 19 (Wednesday) to October 30, 2022 (Sunday)

10 am to 6 pm


Highway in front of Tsu Station’s East Exit (from the N23 highway to the station’s east exit)

Stores and event information (data as of September 22, 2022)

  1. Sweets and breads: 3 stores

“COVOPAIN”, “IKOBAKE” and “Petrin Toyama”

  1. Food truck: 12 stores

“pontasien”, “Goofy BURGER”, “kitchen kuraffe (クラッフェ)”, ”EWALU”, “Jinan no Yaki Onigiri (次男の焼きおにぎり)”, ”cocojan kitchen”, “iBroom”, “KITCHEN BUS Lansen”, “ YOU Nouen (農園), “petitbonheur”, “cokkara” and “LbE”

  1. Event

There will also be an exhibition of “work cars”, such as police vehicles, fire trucks and highway patrol cars.

Children will be able to get into small electric toy fire trucks and ambulances.

Click here to see the food trucks and stores flyer or here to see the patrol cars, in addition to opening hours and dates of the stores and other details.

Contact (Japanese only)

Mieken Kendo Seibi-bu Douro Kikaku-ka Kikaku Chosei-han

TEL: 059-224-2739


Japan Tourism Promotion Campaign “Oideyo! Mie Tabi Campaign”

2022/10/20 Thursday Announcements, Culture and Leisure


The “Oideyo!  Mie Tabi Campaign” (おいでよ!みえ旅キャンペーン), which will give discounts on travel to citizens of all prefecture.

Campaign period

October 11 (Tuesday) to December 20, 2022 (Tuesday)

In the case of accommodation, the end will be at checkout on December 21 (Wednesday)

Discount target audience

All people living in one of Japan’s 47 prefectures

Terms of use

It will be necessary to present the certificate of the third dose of the vaccine against covid or a coronavirus test with a negative result on the day of travel.

How to make a reservation

Book on the hotel’s website, travel company’s website or hotel booking website.

*Confirm on each company’s homepage if the discount is valid on the trip you have chosen.

Discount content

40% discount on the value of campaign trips

Discount limit

¥8,000 per day of accommodation for each person: travel with accommodation plans that use means of transport such as planes and chartered buses

¥5,000 per day of accommodation for each person: travel plans other than those mentioned above

¥5,000 for same-day round-trip travel


For weekday travel, you can receive a coupon worth ¥3,000.

For weekend trips, you can receive a coupon worth ¥1,000.

Hosting limit

Discount valid for stays of up to 7 consecutive days

Contact (in Japanese only)

Office of “Oideyo!  Mie Tabi Campaign”

TEL: 050-3354-7655 (from 9 am to 6 pm)

For more details, see the website: