Illegal poaching is a crime! “I don’t know it’s forbidden” can’t be an excuse!


2024/05/29 Wednesday Announcements, Culture and Leisure

Japan’s seas are home to a variety of fish, shellfish, and seaweed, but poaching has become a problem.

To prevent poaching, the law was changed in 2018. Violators will face heavy penalties.

[Subjects to illegal poaching]

Abalone (awabi), sea cucumbers (namako), glass eel fry (young fish) (shirasu unagi)

→ Penalty: imprisonment of up to three years or a fine of up to 30 million yen.

Vôngole (asari), clams (hamaguri), sea snail (sazae), Ise-ebi lobster, octopus (tako), sea urchins (uni), wakame algae, etc.

→ Fines of up to 1 million yen.

If you don’t follow the rules, you could be punished for illegal fishing.

See examples of illegal fishing below:

  • Example) I was fishing and happened to catch an octopus, so I took it home.
  • Example) I was playing on the beach and found a sea cucumber and picked it up.
  • Example) I thought it was okay to eat it myself.
  • Example) I thought it was okay to eat even just a little.

Even if you are only going to eat it with your family and do not intend to sell it to anyone, do not catch it.

If you do happen to catch one, please return it to the sea immediately.

“ Rules for catching sea creatures” 捉海洋生物的规则 (in Chinese)

“ Rules for catching sea creatures” Aturan untuk menangkap makhluk laut (in Indonesian)

“ Rules for catching sea creatures” Quy tắ c đánh bắ t sinh vắ t biể n (in Vietnamese)

Contact information *Only in Japanese

Daiyon Kanku Kaijou Hoanbu Keibi Kyunanbu Keijika (第四管区海上保安部警備救難部刑事課)

TEL: 052-661-1611

Mie-ken Nōrin Suisanbu Suisan Shigen Kanrika (三重県農林水産部水産資源管理課)

TEL: 059-224-2582

Follow the “Five Rules for Safe Bicycle Use”

2024/05/29 Wednesday Announcements, Culture and Leisure


When riding a bicycle, follow the five rules below

  1. Generally, the cyclists should ride on the roadway

Maintaining to ride on the left  side of the road.

You can ride on sidewalks where there are “bicycles allowed” signs, but pedestrians have the right of way!

  • Bicycles are considered “light vehicles”.
  • On roads where there is a distinction between the sidewalk and the roadway, you should generally ride on the roadway.
  • Ride on the left side of the road.
  • If there is a road sign that says “bicycles allowed”, you can ride on the sidewalk, but ride slowly on the roadway side at a speed that allows you to stop immediately.
  • When riding on the sidewalk, give priority to pedestrians.
  1. Obey traffic lights and stop signs at intersections and check for safety
  • Always obey traffic lights at intersections.
  • Always stop at stop signs and check for safety.
  1. Turn on your headlights at night
  • If you don’t turn on your headlights, you won’t be able to see ahead.
  • It’s very dangerous as it will be difficult for others to see you.
  • Turn on your headlights at night and use reflective materials.
  1. Drinking and driving is prohibited.
  • Just like driving a car, you should not drive if you have consumed alcohol.
  1. Wear a helmet
  • Riding helmets reduce damage in the event of a traffic accident.
  • Wear a helmet when riding a bicycle.

Click here to see the pamphlet (in Japanese only).

For more information, contact

Mie-ken Kankyo Seikatsu-bu Kurashi/Koutsu Anzen-ka Koutsu Anzen-han (三重県 環境生活部 くらし・交通安全課 交通安全班)

Telephone number: 059-224-2410