New local products have been included on Mie Brand


2017/04/10 Monday Culture and Leisure.

What is Mie Brand?

In 2002, Mie Prefecture created the “Mie Brand” where local and processed products, as well as their farmers considering the features of each region, have been certified by their excellence in quality and are promoted nationwide. As far as March 2017, 17 products and 38 farmers have been certified as Mie Brand.

List of products certified as Mie Brand

Shinjyu (pearls), Matsusaka-gyu (Matsusaka beef), Ise-ebi (lobster), Matoya-kaki (oyster from Matoya seashore), Awabi (abalone), Ise-cha (green tea from Ise), Hijiki (type of seaweed), Hinoki (cypress), Nank iMikan (tangerine from Nanki), Anori-fugu (puffer fish Anori), Iga-yaki (pottery from Iga), Iga-gyu (Iga beef), Kumano-jidori (poultry meat from Kumano), YokkaichiBanko-yaki (Yokkaichi Banko pottery ), Iwa-gaki (oyster from rocky ground), Kuwana no Hamaguri (clam from Kuwana), Ise Takuan (pickled turnip from Ise).

“Kuwana no Hamaguri” and “Ise Takuan” are the newest certified products.

The “Kuwana no Hamaguri” from the Akasuka Fishery Cooperative Association and the “Ise Takuan” from the food company Ise Iwao have been certified as products of Mie Brand, totaling 2 products and 2 farmers.

  1.  Product’s name: Kuwana no Hamaguri (clam from Kuwana)
    Famer: Akasuka Gyogyo Kyodo Kumiai
    Address: Kuwana-shi Oaza Akasuka 86-21
    Tel: 0594-22-0515
  2. Product’s name: Ise Takuan (pickled turnip from Ise)
    Famer: Ise Iwao Shokuhin KK
    Address: Ise-shi Higashi Oizura-cho Nishi Ono 3733-1
    Tel: 0596-37-3455

Mie-ken Nourinsuisan-bu Food Innovation-ka Brand Koujo-han
Address: 〒514-8570 Tsu-shiKomei-cho 13 banchi (6F)
Tel: 059-224-2395
Fax: 059-224-2521

Events related to the week of children’s book reading 2017

2017/04/10 Monday Culture and Leisure.


The public library of Mie Prefecture will hold an event related to the Children’s Book Reading Day (April 23rd) that will be carry out between April 23rd and May 12nd, 2017.

During the period cited above, activities related to book reading will be carry out, as well as workshops where children will have the opportunity to learn how a librarian works, arousing their interest in libraries, as well as the possibility to work in this profession in the near future. The event also seeks to enhance the children’s interest both in books and going to a library. Don’t miss this opportunity and join it!

  1.  Ichinichi Kodomo Shisho (registration is necessary)
    “Mini- librarian for 1 day”
    (1) Date e hour: April 23rd (Sunday) – 2 p.m. to 4:30 p.m. (reception from 1:35 p.m.)
    (2) Location: Mie Kenritsu Toshokan – Dokusho Shinko-shitsu and/or Jido Corner
    (3) Target audience: shogakko students from 3rd grade to 6th grade
    (4) Content: at Jido Center a workshop about the work of a librarian will be carry out where participants will learn about how is the reception desk, how to put the covers on the books, among others.
    (5) What to bring: a book (it will be used to put the cover) *Avoid taking a book very big in size or very small because it may difficult the procedure. The ideal size is 15cmX25cm.
    *We ask comprehension in the case the book is damaged due to a fail during the procedure to put the cover on it.
    (6) Capacity: 8 (if the number of applicants exceeds the capacity a selection will be made)
    (7) Registration: through response card (ofuku hagaki). Fill in the card the name of the participant, school year, address and telephone on the side written 往信面.
    (8) Address for sending:
    (in Japanese) 〒514-0061 三重県津市一身田上津部田1234
    (Romanized:) 〒514-0061 Mie-ken Tsu-shi Isshinden Kozubeta 1234
    Mie Kenritsu Toshokan (Ichinichi Kodomo Shisho)
    (9) Due date: 2017, April 13rd (Thrusday)
    (10) Confirmation method: the result of registration will be sent through the response card.
  2. Hiyoko Ohanashi-kai (registration is not necessary)
    “Reading of children’s books for small children”
    (1) Date and hour: 2017, April 26th (Wednesday) from 5 p.m. (about 30 minutes)
    (2) Location: Mie Kenritsu Toshokan – Ohanashi Corner
    (3) Target audience: babies to pre-school age along with their parents or guardians
    (4) Content: reading of books and illustrated history for babies, interactive games for children and parents
  3. Nuigurumi to issho ni ohanashi-kai (registration is not necessary)
    “Children’s book reading in the company of your stuffed animal”
    (1) Date and time: 2017, April 29th (Saturday) from 3 p.m. (about 30 minutes)
    (2) Location: Mie Kenritsu Toshokan – Ohanashi Corner
    (3) Target audience: babies and shogakko students
    (4) Content: reading of illustrated books related to library, books and stuffed animals. Participants can bring their favorite stuffed animals.
    (5) What to bring: favorite stuffed animal (only stuffed animals that can spend the night away from home)
  4. Nuigurumi otomari-kai (registration is not necessary)
    “Stuffed animals’ pajamas party ”
    (1) Date and hour: 2017, April 29th (Saturday) from 3:30 p.m.
    (2) Location: Mie Kenritsu Toshokan – Jido Corner
    (3) Target audience: stuffed animal participating the “Nuigurumi to issho ni ohanashi-kai”
    (4) Content: the stuffed animal staying at the library. Pictures of the activities the stuffed animals participated during the night will be handed over, as well as the books they have read.
    (5) Period to pick up the stuffed animal: May 3rd (Wed) to May 18th (Thu)

Contact: Mie Kenritsu Toshokan
〒514-0061 Mie-ken Tsu-shi Isshinden Kozubeta 1234
Tel: 059-233-1181
Fax: 059-233-1191