Suzuka Circuit 50th Anniversary

2012年、 9月1日(土)、2日(日)「鈴鹿サーキット50周年アニバーサリーデー」が開催されます。

2012/07/19 Thursday Culture and Leisure, News

Suzuka Circuit 50th Anniversary

 Date and Time: Saturday, September 1 and Sunday, September 2

 Location: Suzuka Circuit


Cars, bikes, drivers and riders that have made their mark during Suzuka Circuit’s 50 year history are gathering to celebrate the track’s anniversary. Legendary racing machines are making their way back to this course in Suzuka, which has served as the backdrop to countless photo finishes and some of the sport’s most exciting moments. This event has been 50 years in the making!


One invitation admits up to 5 individuals.

Download and print an invitation from the webpage, and fill in the number of people in your party and their postal codes. Invitations will be collected at the gate.

Individuals without an invitation must pay 1,600 yen to enter the amusement park.

Invitations will also be included in the August edition of Kenseidayori Mie (県政だよりみえ) Magazine.


Parking fee: 1000 yen per car.


[Tsu] M Festival 2012!

2012/07/19 Thursday Culture and Leisure, News

8月5日(日)津市で「M祭 2012!夏だ!そうぶん まるっと大冒険 こどもの祭りはじまるよ! 」 が開催されます


M Festival 2012!


Sunday, August 5


Centro de Artes de Mie


It’s summer and at the Mie Center for the Arts, a grand adventure is about to begin!
Sneak through the underground book vaults!
Leap into the world of science!
Discover the passion of being an inventor by doing crafts!
Embark on a musical journey with the orchestra!
Come and experience a variety of things at the M Festival!Mie Cultural CenterAdmission: Free

Medium Hall

Mie Junior Orchestra Concert

Children’s Orchestra Workshop

Come see a concert! You can also try playing some musical instruments!

Concert begins at: 11:00AM~12:00PM (doors open at 10:30)

Concert length: 60 minutes

Time in the musical instrument area is limited to 5 minutes per person

Concert hall maximum capacity: 780 people

Musical instrument area maximum capacity: 100 people

Due to limited space at the musical instrument area, participants will be asked to take

a numbered ticket to determine order of entry.

Reception room

Let’s draw a great big picture together!

Times: 10:00AM~12:00AM, 1:00PM~4:00PM  (time required: 15 minutes).

Mini Concert and Musical Instrument Corner, Multicultural Booth

Come listen to a concert featuring the Erhu, an instrument known as the “violin of the

east.” You can also learn more about the world’s cultures by playing games at the

Multicultural Booth!

Musical Instrument Corner: 2:00PM ~ 3:00PM

Multicultural Booth: 10:00AM ~4:00PM

Create electricity with your body by riding an electricity generating bicycle!

Electricity generating bicycles will be available for participants to ride!

How many watts can YOU generate? Take the challenge and find out!

Time: 10:00AM~4:00PM (activity duration: 30 seconds)

Test your aim with a fire extinguisher!

Face the target with your fire extinguisher and practice how to put out fires.

How quickly can you knock the target over?

Time: 1:00PM~3:30PM

Maximum capacity: 100 people


Activity duration 5 minutes.