The first step in preparing for earthquakes is from Seismic Diagnosis


2018/09/24 Monday Disaster Preparedness, Security

~Guide for free earthquake proofing and subsidy system of houses~

In the prefecture and municipal town, “earthquake-proof diagnosis” which can know how to secure houses against earthquake is carried out free of charge. After diagnosis, subsidies will be issued when carrying out reinforcement works etc. if meeting certain conditions.

Take advantage of the system and this opportunity to work on earthquake proofing your house and protect yourself and those around you.

Contents of subsidy system

[Free seismic diagnosis]

Target houses: Wooden houses constructed before May 1981

[Seismic retrofit design]

Support up to ¥160.000 for reinforced design after meeting certain requirements.

[Seismic reinforcement work]

Support up to ¥1,1 million for reinforcement works after meeting certain requirements.

*The system varies depending on the city. If you would like to know more about free seismic diagnosis and subsidy system, please contact your city/town office.

Mie Ken Kendo Seibi-bu Jutaku Seisaku-ka
TEL: 059-224-2720
FAX: 059-224-3147

Animal Welfare Week Event

2018/09/24 Monday Disaster Preparedness, Security


Every year on September 20 to September 26 is the animal welfare week. Animal Welfare Week is a week to deepen interest and understanding about the feelings of loving animals and how to properly take care of an animal.

In Mie prefecture, for the animal welfare week, we will hold the following events. We are waiting for your participation.

  1. Dobutsu Aigo DAY IN Mokumoku
    Date and time: September 22, 2018 (Sat) 10: 00 – 16: 00
    Place: Iga no Sato Mokumoku Tedzukuri Farm (Iga-shi Nishiyubune 3609)
    Contents: Animal Welfare Class, “Animal Doctor” Experience, making a message “Thank you” card for animals, etc.
    Fee: Entrance fee 500 yen (same charge for adults and children, 0-2 years old: free)
    Note: You cannot enter the park with your pet.
    Iga no Sato Mokumoku Tedzukuri Farm URL
  2. Dobutsu Aigo DAY IN Asumairu
    Date and time: September 23 (Sun · Holiday) 10: 00 ~ 16: 00
    Place: Mie Ken Dobutsu Aigo Suishin Center (Asumairu) (Tsu-shi Morimachi 2438 – 2)
    Contents: Dog and ​​Cat longevity awards ceremony, dog dance, (Asumairu) handmade corner etc.
    Fee: Free
    *A dog waiting for a new owner ・ Meet the cat  Please come and join us!
    Asumairu URL

Contact information] (Japanese only)
Mie Ken Dobutsu Aigo Suishin Center
Address: Tsu-shi Morimachi 2438 – 2
Tel: 059-253-1238
Closed: Every Wednesday / Saturday (excluding holidays), Weekdays next to public holidays, New Year’s Holiday (December 29 – January 3)