Avoiding problems regarding online shopping 〜 Important points from the order to delivery of a product〜

インターネットショッピングでトラブルに遭わないために ~ 商品注文から受取りまでのチェックポイント ~

2017/07/31 Monday Announcements

Online sales (shopping, auction, free market websites, among others) are entertaining and convenient if used wisely. However you should pay attention to some important points.

According to Japan Direct Marketing Association (JDMA) inquiries related to return or exchange of shopping goods are the largest. Although the cooling off system is applied in cases of door- to- door sales and telemarketing, the same does not apply in case of online sales. Instead, companies are required to provide detailed information about return and exchange of shopping goods.

On this page we will introduce some important points to avoid problems related to purchases through Internet.

[Important points when choosing a company and goods]

  • Confirm information provided by the company such as location, telephone number, among others, and make sure if the company is reliable.
  • When choosing a good, check if it is not a counterfeit.

[Important points when ordering goods]

  • Print the order screen to file when the order was made and details such as color, size and quantity, or keep a screenshot or a note.

Conditions on return/exchange of goods

  • Confirm from how many days it is possible to return or exchange goods. (There are cases the return/exchange of goods are not proceeded)
  • Confirm who will bear the return fee.

Payment method

  • Confirm details about payment method such as payment on delivery, bank transfer, payment by credit card, among others.
  • In case of advanced payment in cash, it is important to check if there is a compelling reason.
  • Confirm if there are no discrepancy on addressee’s payment information. Also, watch out for the following situations:
  1. The bank agency location for the account for deposit is different from the company location for sales.
  2. The account is not registered in the company’s name but in the name of a an individual being even a foreigner.

Shipping fee/ additional  costs

  • Depending on the shipping address, the shipping fee may change, therefore, watch out for it. (Even mentioned free shipping, depending on the region a shipping fee may be included)
  • Confirm that in addition to the shipping fee there are no additional costs such as assembly fee, installation fee, among others.

Delivery time

  • Confirm how long does it take to receive the product after completing the order.
  • There are cases of a delay in delivery after ordering due to the products list and others, watch out for it.

[Important point after receiving your product]

  • Once the product is delivered, confirm right away if it is really what you have ordered and if it is not damaged.


Consultation center in case of problems

JADMA                        Japan direct Marketing Association

TEL  03-5651-1122            *Only in Japanese (10 a.m. to 12 p.m. /1 p.m. to 4 p.m. Saturdays/Sundays/Holidays)


Cosumer’s Hotline (shouhisha hotline)

TEL 188 (Iyaya) *Only in Japanese

When calling “188”, an announcement will be issued and the call will be redirected to the Municipal Center for Consumer Consultation nearest to your residence or to the Consumer Center of Mie Prefecture.

Source: JADMA Japan Direct Marketing Association

[What can we do to avoid problems regarding online shopping and others?]

Let’s safeguard our houses against strong rain and typhoons this summer!

2017/07/31 Monday Announcements


During summer and autumn, torrential rain and typhoons may hit places in Japan and there is a concern regarding damages caused by storms, high tides, flooding, landslides, among others.

Before the typhoon and torrential rain come, it is important to assess  your house’s structure on a daily basis by putting into practice the “disaster daily prevention” that is the daily preparation in the event of natural disasters, making the structures of our houses  resistant to natural disasters.

Main inspection item

1 Roof

  • Are there cracks, cracked parts, ruptures or fissures on the roof?
  • Are the metal roofs detaching or wearing out?
  • Is the antenna properly secured?

2 Exterior wall

  • Are there signs of cracks or fissures on the walls?
  • Are there parts peeling off or going off?

3 Windows

  • Are the shutters properly secured?

4 Gutter

  • Are the gutters clogged?

5 Balcony

  • Are there clothes lines, plant pots or other objects that may be taken away by the wind?

6 Surroundings (of the house)

  • Is the exterior unit of the air conditioner or the compressed propane gas cilynder properly secured?
  • Is the sewage clogged by garbage or scraps?

At “Bosai Mie.jp” in addition to weather information, several advices on natural disasters are sent in multiple languages, in particular important information in case of natural disasters. Check out useful information on natural disaster prevention and reduction, emergency shelters (hinanjo) and others at the homepage.

Bosai Mie.jp      http://www.bosaimie.jp