Let’s get your dog a rabies preventive injection


2018/04/05 Thursday Health

Rabies infects not only dogs but also humans and other animals, and when it develops, it is almost 100% deadly. Approximately 55,000 people died of rabies every year around the world.

Dog rabies preventive injections are done every April in prefecture towns and cities. If you own a dog, please check the schedule in the public information of the city where you live, and be sure to let your dog receive a rabies preventive injection. You can also go to a veterinary animal hospital for the preventive injections.

Please observe the following duties stipulated by the rabies prevention law for dog owners.

1  Register your dog

2  Let your dog take a rabies preventive injection

3  Attach dogs’ registration (registration cards) and injected votes (proof of receiving injections) to the dog collar.

*The injection and registration are charged.

For the schedule of rabies preventive injection and procedures such as registration, please consult your city / town office.


※Reference※ About Rabies(by Kosei Rodosho)


Recruitment for the Mie International Week 2018

2018/04/05 Thursday Health

「みえ国際ウィーク2018」 取組の募集

The “Mie International Week 2018” will be held from May 19, 2018 (Sat) until June 3rd (Sun). During the above period, we will recruit municipalities, companies, organizations, etc. that will make international activities as described below. Please apply.

What is Mie International Week

In-order to connect the experiences of the Summit to the training and success of global talent in the prefecture, the Mie International Week is set one week before and after May 26 and 27, which is the summit holding date and intends to concentrate on international activities.

Applicants (Organizations)

Municipalities, companies, organizations etc. in the prefecture (including individual business owners) who are engaged in international activities such as international exchange and international contribution.

 Recruitment period

Until June 1, 2018 (Fri)

(Earlier applicants will be the first to be posted on the homepage)

 Examples of activity contents

  • Hosting festivals that introduces dances and songs from around the world
  • There will be lecturers who have overseas experience as lecturers and learn about the differences between overseas and Japan etc.

*For details and application forms etc., please refer to the following URL. (Japanese only)


Application / Inquiries

Mie Prefecture Employment Economics Department International Strategy Division International Planning Team

TEL: 059-224-2844 / FAX: 059-224-3024

Application · Inquiries

Mie-ken Koyo Keizai-bu Kokusai Senryaku-ka Kokusai Kikaku-han

TEL: 059-224-2844 / FAX: 059-224-3024

E-mail: kokusen@pref.mie.jp

Click here for the flyers (pdf) →