#Visitmie Instagram Campaign – Post attractions of Mie Prefecture and win prizes!

インスタグラム #visitmieキャンペーン ~色とりどりの三重県の魅力を発信して賞品をゲットしよう~

2019/10/23 Wednesday Culture and Leisure, Events

With the theme: “#visitmie Celebrate the Colors” (Let’s celebrate the colors of Mie), Mie Prefecture is bringing together Instagram posts showing seasonal events such as fireworks and festivals, beautiful scenery and experiences that you can only see and feel in Mie.

Inviting everyone to post photos and videos inside the prefecture and win a prize. Great prizes are available for this campaign.

※For details, please see the campaign page from the following URL:
https://visitmie.jp/ja/(Japanese version)
https://visitmie.jp/en/(English version)

※Instagram Account:
English: @visitmie
Thai: @visitmie_th
Chinese (Traditional Chinese): @visitmie_tw

How to apply

  1. Follow the official Instagram account of Mie Prefecture [@visitmie]
  2. Use the hashtag [#visitmie] in your Instagram account when posting.

Posting photos taken before the campaign period are also eligible.

See the poster here  (JapaneseEnglish)

About prizes and giveaways

In addition to the “Governor of Mie Award” for best publication, giveaways sponsored by tourism companies from various regions were also prepared.

See the giveaways on this link.

Promotion period

Second stage: October 1, 2019 (Tuesday) to January 6, 2020 (Monday)

 Announcement of results

The results of the second stage will be announced on the campaign website in early February.

 Other details

The #visitmie Supporter 2019 is also taking place.  If you enjoy traveling, Mie’s culinary, taking photos and videos or just wants to spread Mie Prefecture’s beauty to the world, check out the website below and become a supporter.


Contact Information

E-mail: info@visitmie.jp (administrative office)

* Mail :info@visitmie.jp (Administrative Office)
* Inquiries are from 10:00 ~ 17:00 during the campaign period and we will correspond in order.
* Please note that reply may be delayed depending on the content.

Attention! Typhoon No. 19 is coming!

2019/10/23 Wednesday Culture and Leisure, Events

注意してください! 台風19号が近づいています

The typhoon No. 19, classified as “big” (ogata) and “strong” (tsuyoi), will approach this Friday (11th) until the weekend.

See the information below and be prepared for the typhoon!

<Bousai Mie>

PortugueseSpanish – Chinese – English – Japanese

<See more details at Mie Info>

Methods of prevention in cases of typhoons

Do you know the alert level (of disasters)?

Let’s get prepared for evacuation in the event of natural disasters

Preparing for flood and sediment-related disasters

You can also view information through smartphone app “Safety tips” and “NHK World Radio”.