First visit to Ise-Jingu during the New Year holidays – About traffic regulations and parking lot (2017-2018)

年末年始 伊勢神宮 初参り パーク&バスライド及び交通規制のお知らせ(2017~2018)

2017/12/18 Monday Culture and Leisure

A high traffic volume is expected around Ise-Jingu during New Year holidays.

To relieve the traffic volume, the organization established a temporary parking lot next to Sun Arena and shuttle buses running Geku and Naiku’s B parking lot at Ise-Jingu will be available. Please note that shuttle bus times will vary by date.

While use of the shuttle buses is free of charge, individuals using the temporary parking lots must pay a parking fee of 1000 yen per vehicle. You will need to show your parking receipt to the bus operator before boarding.

Temporary parking lot

Around Mie’s Sun Arena
〒516-0021 Mie-ken Ise-shi Asama-cho Kamotani 4383-4 (get off at Asama Higashi IC  on Ise Futami Toba)

Shuttle bus hours:

10:00pm 31 December, 2017 (Sunday) to 4:00 pm 1 January, 2018 (Monday)
9:00am – 4:00pm 2 January, 2018 (Tuesday)
9:00am – 4:00pm 3 January, 2018 (Wednesday)
9:00am – 4:00pm 6 January, 2018 (Saturday)
9:00am – 4:00pm 7 January, 2018 (Sunday)
*Last bus departs from Geku and Naiku at 6:30pm
*Shuttle bus for disabled and people with special needs will run between Naiku B2 and Ujibashi
To board the shuttle bus for disabled it will be necessary to use the “Park & Bus Ride” and meet one of the following items:

  1. Elderly (above 75 years old)
  2. People with special needs
  3. Pregnant women
  4. Families or helpers of people in conditions cited above

Traffic control

As the exit will be controlled at “Park & Bus Ride” ordinary vehicles will not be allowed to exit at Ise Nishi IC and Ise IC (however it will be possible to pass through the entrance).

On the 4 January to 5 January, weekends and holidays on 8 January to 28 January and between 9:00 am – 4:00pm on 11 February, the Ise Nishi IC will be restricted.

For more information visit the “Raku Raku Ise Moude”Homepage

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Learn more about contracts!

2017/12/18 Monday Culture and Leisure


1- What is a contract?

A contract is agreed when the intention of both parts are accordingly. Signatures and seals on documents are the only way to validate a contract. A contract can also be agreed just by verbal commitments.

When a contract is signed it cannot be unilaterally terminated (except for some exceptions)

The following items are also considered as contracts:

  • Buy candies at convenience stores
  • Hair cut at a hair salon
  • Ask for a meal home delivery by phone
  • Rental DVDs
  • Download music on smartphone

Check the contract carefully!

A contract is an important document containing items in which both parts must comply with. It does not matter how small the letter is, it is necessary to read the whole contract. Signing a contract means to be in accordance with everything is written there.

In order to avoid troubles related to discrepancy on the contract’s content by the verbal explanations of the contracted person, it is necessary to check the terms carefully before completing it.

Points to be verified before signing a contract

  • When (contract’s day)
  • With whom (name, address, company’s contact information)
  • What (name and sort of the product)
  • How many (amount)
  • How much (price)
  • Payment method (in cash, credit card, among others)
  • Method to receive the product (when, how)
  • Existence of negotiations related to cancellation
  • Existence of negotiations related to compensation and cancellation fee

Check the content carefully and do not accept the contract in case it is not in accordance with some part.