The First Visit to Ise-Jingu on New Year’s Holiday – Announcement about traffic and parking regulations (2020-2021)

年末年始 伊勢神宮 初参り パーク&バスライド、交通規制のお知らせ(2020~2021)

2020/12/16 Wednesday Announcements, Culture and Leisure

The surroundings of Ise Jingu are extremely busy during the New Year.  This year, to prevent the spread of the coronavirus, the province is asking the people to visit the temple on weekdays or in the beginning of February.

* Between the 6th (Wednesday) and the 29th of January (Friday), 2021, the Naiku A and B car parks in Uji, in the city of Ise, will be free for 4 hours only on weekdays.  For more details, click here (in Japanese only).

To ease traffic, the organization installed a temporary parking lot near the Sun Arena and will provide shuttle buses to the surroundings of Geku and parking lot Naiku of Ise-Jingu.  The hours will change according to the days, so be careful.

The shuttle bus is free, but you will need to pay a parking fee of ¥ 1,000 per vehicle.  The organization asks the visitors to show the parking fee receipt to the person in charge before boarding the bus.

Before using the bus click here to see the coronavirus preventive measures (in Japanese only).

Temporary Parking

Around Sun Arena de Mie

〒516-0021 Mie-ken Ise-shi Asama-cho Kamotani 4383-4 (Get off at Asama Higashi IC of Ise Futami Toba Line)

Bus Hours

10:00 pm on December 31, 2020 (Thursday) until 4:00 pm on January 1, 2021 (Friday)

January 2 (Saturday) to January 4, 2021 (Monday) – 9am to 4pm

January 9 (Saturday) until January 10, 2021 (Sunday) – 9am to 4pm

* Last return trip (departure at Naiku and around Geku) at 6:30 pm

* Shuttle buses for the disabled and people with special needs will operate on the route between Naiku B2 and Ujibashii

To be able to use the bus for the disabled, it will be necessary to use the “Park & ​​Bus Ride” and must fit into one of the four items below.

  1. Elderly (over 75 years)
  2. People with physical disabilities
  3. Pregnant
  4. Families or helpers (caregivers) of the persons mentioned above

 Traffic Regulations

As the exit will be controlled on the “Park & ​​Bus Ride”, ordinary vehicles will not be able to descend on Ise Nishi IC and Ise IC (however it will be possible to pass through the entrance).

And on January 5, 2021 and on weekends and holidays between January 11 and January 31, from 9 am to 3 pm, there will be vehicle control at the exit of Ise Nishi IC.

Reference: homepage of “Raku Raku Ise Moude”

Link in English:

Emergency Consultations at MieCo, Consultation Center for Foreign Residents, in Mie between January and March, 2021

2020/12/16 Wednesday Announcements, Culture and Leisure


To answer questions regarding the coronavirus of foreign residents residing in the province,  MieCo, Consultation Center for Foreign Residents in Mie has been holding consultations since April, and will continue between January and March, 2021.

In order to prevent the spread of the coronavirus, in principle, consultations will be carried out by phone.  If you want to consult, make a reservation by calling 080-3300-8077.  Reservations will be done in order of the call, and will be made from Monday to Friday (with the exception of holidays), from 9 am to 5 pm.

Emergency Specialized Consultation Pamphlets:

Portuguese – Spanish – English – Chinese – Vietnamise – Japanese

Assistance are available in the following languages: Japanese, English, Portuguese, Spanish, Tagalog, Chinese, Korean, Vietnamese, Nepalese, Indonesian and Thai

  1. Date

January 24 (Sunday), February 7 (Sunday), February 21 (Sunday) and March 7 (Sunday) 2021

* Appointments from 1:30 pm to 4:20 pm

  1. Specialists who will provide assistance
  • Lawyers (Bengoshi): January 24, February 7, February 21 and March 7
  • Social Security Specialists (Shakai Hoken Roumu-shi): January 24, February 7, and March 7
  • Clinical psychologists (Rinsho shinri-shi): February 7 and March 7
  1. Target audience

All foreigners residing in Mie,etc.

  1. Consultation fee


  1. Consultation

MieCo, Mie Consultation Center for Foreign Residents
Address: Tsu-shi Hadokoro-cho 700 UST Tsu 3F
Tel: 080-3300-8077
Monday to Friday and Sundays (closed on Saturdays and public holidays), from 9 am to 5 pm