2022 Travel Discount “Mie-toku Travel Coupon” 3rd Edition


2022/06/01 Wednesday Announcements, Culture and Leisure

The 2022 third edition of the “Mie-toku Travel Coupon” will be held, discounting the value of travel within Mie Prefecture.  In this third edition, the discount amount for weekday bookings has increased by 1,000 yen, and the number of valid prefectures has also increased.

To use the coupon this time, it will be necessary to present the “vaccination history (3rd dose)” or a “negative coronavirus test result” valid on the day of departure.

If the coronavirus situation in Mie Prefecture worsens, a limit on the use of coupons, or even cancellation / postponement of services related to the coupon may be imposed.

  1. Period of use

June 1 (Wednesday) to June 30, 2022 (Thursday)

Valid for checkouts made until July 1st (Friday)

For more details, see the  “Mie-toku Travel Coupon Registration Location List” (Mie-toku Travel Coupon Moushikomi-saki Ichiran -みえ得トラベルクーポン申込先一覧)

  1. Promotion valid prefectures

Trips to Mie, Aichi, Gifu, Shizuoka, Shiga, Quioto, Wakayama, Fukui, Ishiyama, Toyama, Nagano and Niigata

For details, see  “List of prefectural discounts available to Mie residents “(Mie Ken-min ga Riyou Kanou na Kenminwari Ichiran – 三重県民が利用可能な県民割一覧)

  1. Online Registration
    1. Yukoyuko Net: https://www.yukoyuko.net/special/t00277
    2. Rurubu Travel: https://www.rurubu.travel/deals
    3. Jalan net: https://www.jalan.net/kanko-shien/
    4. VISIT Mie-ken: https://mie.visit-town.com/
    5. STAYNAVI: https://staynavi.direct/
    6. com: https://www.ikyu.com/special/01/area_coupon_mie_2022/?ikCo=ValueComm
    7. Yahoo! Travel: https://travel.yahoo.co.jp/feature/area_coupon_mie_2022/?ikCo=y_ValueComm
    8. Rakuten Travel: https://travel.rakuten.co.jp/special/pref-trip/
  1. Contact (service in Japanese only)

Mie-toku Travel Coupon Jimukyoku (service in Japanese only)

TEL: 050-3644-3575

From 9 am to 6 pm on weekdays

For details on other information, including the “Mie-toku Travel Chiiki Ouen Coupon”, please visit the Mie Prefecture homepage click here.

Vehicle Tax 2022: Don’t forget to pay it by the deadline

2022/06/01 Wednesday Announcements, Culture and Leisure


The deadline to pay the vehicle tax this year is until May 31 (Tuesday).

Vehicle tax must be paid once a year by anyone who owns a vehicle.

This tax is used in various administrative services in Mie Prefecture such as: school education, improvements in health/life insurance/well-being, public transport infrastructure, job security, preventive measures against natural disasters, etc.

Mie Prefecture will send a blue envelope containing the “payment invoice” (noufusho – 納付書) to all vehicle owners.

Take the “payment invoice” (noufusho – 納付書) which is inside the envelope to a financial institution or convenience store for payment.  In addition, the tax can also be paid by credit card (exclusive for internet payment) or smartphone payment apps.

If the payment is not made by the deadline, a “late payment fee (entaikin – 延滞金)” will be charged along with the amount specified on the invoice.  And, for those who do not make the payment even after receiving warning letters and other documents, the penalty determined by law will be applied, which includes, for example, the seizure of cars, salary, among other goods and possessions.

Don’t forget to pay by May 31 (Tuesday).

Motor Vehicle Tax (on Mie Prefecture Homepage in Portuguese – Spanish – English – Chinese)


About smartphone payment app (Mie Prefecture Homepage – Japanese)


About Internet Credit Card Payment (Mie Prefecture Homepage – Japanese)


Contact (service in Japanese only)

Mie-ken Soumu-bu Zaishu Kakuho-ka Kazei Shien-han (三重県 総務部 税収確保課 課税支援班)

TEL: 059-224-2128