Coupon to support families raising children


2017/02/24 Friday Highlights, Information

Families with growing children who take the coupon to one of the 400 participating companies such as supermarkets, restaurants, drugstores, preparatory courses, among others will receive a discount or services or other benefits. This coupon, beyond accessible is  helpful because it can be used in daily life. Make good use of it!

Examples of discounts or benefits

  • MaxValu (outlets in Mie Prefecture).
    By showing de coupon on the 7th of the month, it is possible to receive a 5% discount (except for some products).
  • Akachan Depart Mizutani (outlets in Mie Prefecture)
    Every Fridays points are in double
  • Gusto (outlets in Mie Prefecture)
    Every 3rd Sundays, costumers ordering meals will get a drink bar (families up to 5 members)
  • Among others.

Participating companies have this symbol as an identification adhesive:

Check out the companies, their location and the benefits accessing the link below (only in Japanese).

Target audience:
Families growing children under 18 years-old or pregnant women.

How to get the coupon

  • Through PC or smartphone
    Through QR code on the left side, or access the page using the link below, insert the eldest child’s year of birth (Gregorian calendar)”, and by visualizing the coupon, save the image or print screen to use it. In the case the access is from a PC it is necessary to print it to use it.


  • Through reply postcard
    Fill in the reply postcard containing the necessary information and send it through mail. You will receive a printed coupon and you can use it this way.
    For detailed information regarding the request through reply postcard, check out the link below (only in Japanese)

Mie-ken ShoushikaTaisaku-ka (Mie Prefectural Government’s Sector of Countermeasure on Falling Birth Rate)

Publication contest in social medias of tourist information about Mie Prefecture

2017/02/24 Friday Highlights, Information


We are seeking articles for publication in Facebook aiming to attract many foreign tourists to Mie Prefecture. The articles may be written in the following idioms: English, Chinese (simplified and traditional), Korean, Thai, French, German and Spanish. The article reaching the larger number of “likes” will get a regional product. There is no restriction related to the nationality of the participant, everyone can join this contest! (For example: a Brazilian can join this contest by writing an article in English.)

Period: 2017, 6 February (Monday) to 24 March (Friday)
Requirement for qualification to join the contest: nothing in special
Result: late March 2017 (estimate)

How to participate:
Send the photo or article you intent to publish. There is no limit of items to join. The content to be published should be only about tourism in Mie Prefecture The following information are needed:

  • Participant’s name
  • Nationality
  • Company you work for or the school you attend
  • Idiom of the article to be published (English, Chinese (simplified or traditional), Korean, Thai, French, German or Spanish)
  • Age
  • Address
  • Telephone number
  • E-mail
  • How did you get to know about this project?
    1.Pamphlet  2. Comments  3. Web  4. SNS  5. Others (                )

[Send to:]
三重県観光連盟 川口  (to Kawaguchi, Tourism Federation of Mie Prefecture)
Tel: 059-224-5904 (only in Japanese)

Below some of the notes. Read the pamphlet carefully (only in Japanese and English). If you have any question, contact the Tourism Federation of Mie Prefecture (三重県観光連盟).

  • Articles within the following items, will be excluded from the criteria:
    – If it violates the laws and regulaments
    – If it is for use in merchandising of determined company
    – If it is a content related to politics or religion
    – And others that do not meet the aim of the contest or that ones the organization considers improper.
  • The content to be published should be written by the participant and should relate to the image capturing or elaboration of article. Content already exhibited in other kind of contest, or similar works will not be accepted. (Only contents published in websites, SNS or participant’s personal blogs.)
  • The organizer will not be responsible for anything, in the case the article triggers some claims, liability claims or judicial process for violating copyright.
  • The participant can use a nickname. But, following the contest norms, the winner will have his/her real name published.
  • From the moment the participant hand out the content to be published, he/she will have accepted all the terms and guidelines of this contest. And the content will not be returned to the participant.