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2019/01/23 Wednesday Information Videos

There are various troubles concerning consumers and the places where you can talk about those troubles are at the Consumer Affairs Center and Consumer Affairs Consultation Desk. In this video, we will show you how to consult when it comes to consumer troubles. However, acceptance at the Consumer Affairs Center is only in Japanese. For foreign residents who cannot speak Japanese, please ask a person who can interpret and consult.

Let’s see how to consult.

A foreigner living in Japan Mr. A have been offered by a salesman who came to his house and signed a contract. The content of the contract was that if Mr. A buy a cosmetic in bulk and by selling it to acquaintances, it would be easy to make profit. However, when he found out that it was not easy to increase the membership, he tried to cancel the contract, but the company says it cannot cancel the contract. In such case, what should he do?

 [A: Victim] I am in trouble because I cannot cancel this contract. I wonder if we could call Mie prefecture consumer affairs center in Tsu?

[B: A friend who can interpret] Sure, let’s call now.

[Narration] A friend who can interpret in Japanese is able to make a phone call to the Consumer Affairs Center and explained the situation. She was told to come directly to the office in Tsu city.

[Simulation of correspondence]

[Counselor] What happened?

[A] and [B] I signed a contract because the salesman who came to the house recommended that if I buy the cosmetics in bulk and sell it to a friend or acquaintance, it will be easy to make profit. I thought that if I can increase the number of people to buy the product it will be easier to earn an income, but no one will buy the items. I thought that it would work, but I cannot do anything at all. I have made an expensive contract, so I am in trouble with the future living expenses. What should I do?

[Counselor] Did you kept the contract and other materials?

[A] and [B] Yes, I brought the contract and the receipt.

[Counselor] This seems to be MLM. Do you know the cooling-off system?

[A] and [B] What is cooling-off?

[Counselor] Like this time, someone suddenly visit your home and persuade you to make a contract without being able to judge calmly.

[A] Yes.

About cooling-off

Cooling-off means to cool down your head, a time to reconsider the products you purchased, if there was no problem or if you really wanted to buy the product.

Depending on the goods purchased and the selling method, if you use the cooling-off system, you can cancel the contract if it is within a certain period from the date of the contract, return the item, and get a refund.

[A] and [B] What? Really? Can I cancel it?

[Counselor] Yes. In this case you can cool off if you notify the other party within twenty days after signing the contract. The contract is 10 days ago, so cooling-off is possible.

About the notification letter

Cooling-off will be notified by sending postcards, etc. Copy both sides of the written postcard and keep it. Then, send your postcard in a way that the evidence that you sent will remain, such as “Specific Record Mail” (Tokutei Kiroku Yubin) or “Simple Registered Mail” (Kan’i Kakitome). If the payment was done by credit card, you must also notify the credit company.

[Counselor] From now on, please carefully check the details of the contract and payment method, then purchase the product or make a contract.

[A] and [B] Thank you very much. I have lived in Japan for another ten years, but I did not know about cooling-off.

[Counselor] If you are having trouble with a contract, please consult the consumer affairs center at any time.

In order to effectively consult the Consumer Affairs Center, bring as much information as possible regarding the contract. The more information there is, the more likely you will find a solution. So bring:

  • Contract, receipt, brochure
  • Notes when talking or talking on the phone (with date)
  • Copy of mail and printed materials
  • Salesman’s business card

Make sure to keep these items after contract.

Also, if you were lied about or threatened that the cooling-off system cannot be done, etc. while you are in the period of cooling-off, the cooling-off period will be prolonged. If the business operator delivers a document stating that it can be cooling-off can be done, the cooling-off period will be calculated from that day.

In addition to these troubles caused by visiting sales, when you are in trouble with products, services, contract troubles, do not worry alone, please consult the Municipal Consumer Affairs desk of your area or the Mie prefecture Consumer Affairs Center.

<Consultation place>

  • Consumer hotline TEL: 188 (no station number)
    When you call “188”, a Japanese announcement will flow, and entering your zip code will lead you to the nearest municipal consumer affairs consultation desk or Mie prefecture consumer affairs center.
  • Mie Ken Shohi Seikatsu Center  Consultation Telephone TEL: 059-228-2212
    Consultation time: Monday – Friday 9 am – 4 pm (excluding 12 pm – 1 pm) *Consultation visit possible
    *Except weekends, holidays, transfer holidays, December 29 – January 3
    〒514 – 0004 Mie-ken Tsu-shi Sakaemachi 1 – 954  Mie-ken Sakaemachi Chosha 3F
  • Please see the following website for each municipal consumer affairs consultation desk (information as of April 1, 2018).

Consultation desk for foreign residents

2019/01/23 Wednesday Information Videos


Mie prefecture has established a consultation desk for foreign residents. If you are having any problems, please consult the following consultation desk (Japanese, Portuguese, Spanish, English). Also please make use of the prefectural consultation agency and support system concerning support for living in poverty.

Information on consultation desk for foreign residents

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Portuguese version

Spanish version

English version

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Mie-ken Kokusai Koryu Zaidan Homepage

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