MAP – Mie Adventure Park

三重県松阪市 「三重県立 みえこどもの城」 についての紹介ビデオ

2012/06/26 Tuesday Culture and Leisure.

There is a place offering fun and entertaining activities for children in Mie Prefecture: the MAP Mie Kids’ Castle (Mie Kodomo no Shiro). Located in Matsusaka, this facility is fun for the whole family. MAP stands forMie Adventure Park and in this video we will be introducing the features and attractions of Mie’s Kids’ Castle.

The third floor houses the art space and dome theatre.

Art Space
In this area your child can try his or her hand at different crafts, such as pottery making. Under the staff’s instruction, your child’s hidden talents will be revealed. The craft schedule for the day is posted up in the first floor lobby each day. To participate, buy a ticket from the vending machine in the lobby. You can also take home your creation!

There is also a corner in the art space where you can experiment with clay for free – this corner is open to everyone.

Dome Theatre – Planetarium

The dome theatre is possibly the main attraction of Mie Kids’ Castle. Here you can watch movies or learn about the sky, stars and space in the planetarium. The dome is the biggest in Mie and can seat up to 220 people. Tickets start at 400yen for adults, 200 yen for school students and 100yen for children up to three years old. A bargain!

The second floor is home to the play land and theatre spaces.

Play Land

Both adults and children are free to enjoy this area but children are certain to enjoy the playground equipment and facilities located here in play land. For just 200yen children can enjoy 45 minutes of playtime and the guardians of the children playing can enter for free.

One of the facilities in this area is the climbing wall. People of all ages can try climbing the wall, aiming for the top and trying to raise their skill level a little at a time to go higher and higher. If you would like to use the wall please bring indoor shoes with a clean sole or climbing boots with you.

Next door to play land is a simulator where for 200 yen you can experience everything from rollercoasters to the bottom of the ocean.

5  Stage Space and the Play Corner

In the stage space you don’t have to just watch, you can also participate in the concert and dance shows held here. And when there aren’t any events on, children can play freely with the toys in the play corner. You can also take a rest in this area.

However, within Mie Kids’ Castle there are only drink and ice cream vending machines, so if you do plan on spending the day here, we recommend that you bring a packed lunch.

Returning to the first floor, we have the event hall, play room and science rooms.

Event Hall – Exhibition Space

Seasonal events and exhibitions are held in the event hall. There is also a corner where children can try out different activities. During the Christmas season, there are Christmas lights which are lit up during the daytime so that families with young children can also enjoy them.

Play RoomKAPLA Room)》

Children and adults can exercise the power of imagination in the Kapla play room. Kapla are building blocks from which you can connect one by one to construct bridges, buildings, towers and more. Train both your concentration and your imagination. There are also reference books containing examples of what you can make using Kapla. The kapla playroom is free.

The science room is also located on the first floor and on Saturday and Sunday there are scientific activities.

Today we took the opportunity to introduce Mie Kids’ Castle. This is truly a special place where children have a fun day out and experience something new. There is also something new to learn from the planetarium and craft activities.

While there isn’t a restaurant on site, please feel free to bring a lunchbox or snacks to eat in the designated food areas.

Opening Times and Access


Mie Kids’ Castle is open from 9:30 am to 5pm. It is usually closed on Mondays and the day immediately following a public holiday, but during the summer holidays it is open everyday. Please check the calendar on the Mie Kids’ Castle homepage.

The phone number is 0598-23-7735 enquiries can only be taken in Japanese.

For more information please look at the website at

Transport Access

If you are using public transport, please take the number 11, 12 or 14 bus from Matsusaka Station and get off at Chuubu Gakkou Mae. From there, it is a 12 minute walk to Mie Kids’ Castle.

For those coming by car, if you are using route 23 then switch to route 42 once you reach Matsuzaka then turn right onto prefectural highway 756 until you reach route 166. Continue for ten minutes until a stretch of green appears off to the left, Mie Kids’ Castle is within that park. There is ample parking space.

If you are coming from the expressway turn right at the Matsusaka interchange and continue along prefectural route 59 until you reach route 166 then turn left.


Learn to Protect Your Family from Earthquakes

2012/06/26 Tuesday Culture and Leisure.


Title: Learn to Protect Your Family from Earthquakes
Location: Matsusaka-shi Sangyo Shinko Center
Description: In March, 2011, the Great East Japan Earthquake hit the Tohoku region. Mie Prefecture is also expected to suffer a severe earthquake in the near future.
At this seminar, you will learn what to do in the event of an earthquake. You will also have the opportunity to sample emergency rations.
Date: 2011-09-25

• Personal and Vommunity Disaster Preparedness Measures

• Evacuation Center Simulation

• Emergency Drills and Group Work

• Sampling of Emergency Rations (Alpha Rice, Canned Bread)


Sponsored by the Mie Prefectural Government

In Association with: Matsusaka City

Organizer: Mie International Exchange Foundation (MIEF)