Learn to Protect Your Family from Earthquakes


2012/06/22 Friday Seminars and Events

Title: Learn to Protect Your Family from Earthquakes
Location: Matsusaka-shi Sangyo Shinko Center
Description: In March, 2011, the Great East Japan Earthquake hit the Tohoku region. Mie Prefecture is also expected to suffer a severe earthquake in the near future.
At this seminar, you will learn what to do in the event of an earthquake. You will also have the opportunity to sample emergency rations.
Date: 2011-09-25

• Personal and Vommunity Disaster Preparedness Measures

• Evacuation Center Simulation

• Emergency Drills and Group Work

• Sampling of Emergency Rations (Alpha Rice, Canned Bread)


Sponsored by the Mie Prefectural Government

In Association with: Matsusaka City

Organizer: Mie International Exchange Foundation (MIEF)

Communication about Typhoon No.4

2012/06/22 Friday Seminars and Events

2012年6月19日 「台風第4号にかかる注意喚起文」

Typhoon No.4 is approaching.
It will be closest to Mie, or hit Mie, tonight.
The rainstorm will get worse and worse.
You can get more information about the typhoon and other disasters at
the following sites.

Bousai Mie (portuguese)


Bousai Mie (spanish)


Bousai Mie (english)