Exploring the wonders of each region in Mie Prefecture


2015/04/21 Tuesday Culture and Leisure., Exploring-Mie

Exploring Mie Prefecture

Image4In Mie Prefecture, there are famous natural, cultural and fun places!

Mie Prefecture offers a modern infrastructure for people who appreciate historical museums and fine arts. There are several places with thermal spring and scenic inns for relaxing. As well as being in contact with culture, the ancient temples will offer the peace of mind for those in a busy life.

For the families who want leisure and entertainment, several theme parks will offer unforgettable experiences and great memories.

In Mie Prefecturethere are famous divisions like Higashi Kishu, Ise-Shima, Chusei, Iga and Hokusei. In this video, we will present the special features on the regions.

Let’s have a better look in Mie Prefecture?

Higashi Kishu Region (Owase-shi, Kumano-shi, Kihoku-cho, Mihama-cho, Kihou-cho)Image7

Higashi Kishu region has a stunning nature, where the beauty of the rivers and the mountains contrasts with rocky monuments on the seafront. In summer, the Kumano Hanabi Taikai attracts visitors from whole Japan.

The Kumano Kodo is located in this region and it is one of the World Heritage Sites. As well as the stunning beauty, there are ancient history about pilgrimage routes.  A perfect place fora stroll and reflection.

Image16Ise-Shima Region (Ise-shi, Toba-shi, Shima-shi, Tamaki-cho,Watarai-cho, Minami Ise-cho)

In this region the attractive isconcentrated on the seafront, where the gastronomy is rich and eccentric. Tekone Zushi and Ise Udon are dishes very appreciated by tourists who visit the region.

Ise Jingu is composed by “Geku” and “Naiku” and is visited during all the year by many people. For sure, the walk around this temple will offer the visitor peace of mind.

Chusei Region (Tsu-shi, Matsusaka-shi, Taki-cho, Meiwa-cho, Oodai-cho, Taiki-cho)Image8

In this region is located the capital of this prefecture, the city of Tsu. In this area there are inns with thermal spring, where you can relax and appreciate a beautiful view of the mountains.

The city of Tsu offers many cultural and historical museums with a modern infrastructure where all the family can enjoy all the day.  In Tsu are located the “MieMu” (Mie Prefectural Museum), the”Mie Center for the Arts” and, in Meiwa town, there is the “Saiku Museum” (historical museum of Mie).

“Matsusaka Gyu” is one of the most award winning beef of the country, buyers from whole Japan come to this region to try out this delicacy.

Image17Iga Region (Nabari-shi, Iga-shi)

Iga region is well known by ninjyutsu Iga-ryu and there is the “Iga-ryu Ninja Hakubsutukan” a museum where visitants can explore the history and also experience some techniques on this martial art. The museum is located on the spot of Iga Ueno Castle.

The nature on this region also attracts several tourists; the wellknown ones are the Akame 48 falls and the “Kouchi Dani” area that are famous for its autumn colorful leaves.

Hokusei Region (Yokkaichi-shi, Suzuka-shi, Kameyama-shi, Inabe-shi, Kisosaki-cho,Touin-cho, Komono-cho, Asahi-cho, Image11Kawagoe-cho)

Covering the northern area of Mie, Hokusei offers many attractive like “Mount Gozaisho”, where the panoramic view is stunning all the year. The region’s industrial center of  Yokkaichi city is well known by its beautiful night view.

As well as tourist attractions plenty of culture, this region also has a theme park where people from every age can enjoy. In the city of Suzuka there is the “Suzuka Circuit” where is held the international race of F1, where famous pilots marked their history. Also, there are the famous parks “Nagashima Spa Land” and “Nabana no Sato”.


Image14In this video, we wil show just one part of the wonders of Mie Prefecture. Mie Prefecture offers several other tourist attractions where the nature and culture are stunning.

Most of the places are accessible and there are plenty of materials translated in various languages, making easy for foreigners citizens, as well as tourists from abroad.

How about scheduling a tour through Mie’s stunning regions with friends or family for the weekend or vacation?


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Kid’s Eco Fair – spring edition

2015/04/21 Tuesday Culture and Leisure., Exploring-Mie


Awareness on ecology by having fun

– 25th: Hoshi no Tamago Planetarium, paper recycling using an empty milk box, among other interactive activities available in the centre.
– 26th: art with wood, pedaling based energy generator will be available in environmental groups’ booths from Mie Prefecture, in addition to organizations’ booths related to the international association of resources reuse, who will collect pet bottle’s cap, used stamps and oil residual.

In both days there will be booths selling food, therefore, bring your own chopstick or silverware.
We are looking forward to seeing you all in this event.

Date: 25 (Sat) and 26 (Sun)
Time: from 10am to 3pm
Location: Mie-ken Kankyo Gakushu Jyoho Center
(Yokkaichi-shi, Sakura-cho 3684-11)
Tel: 059-329-2000
Free admission

*This event is part of “Haru no Waku Waku Fureai Matsuri”. The following events will be held simultaneously.
– Fureai Haru no Bokujyo Matsuru (Yokkaichi-shi Fureai Bokujyo – Yokkaichi-shi, Suizawa-cho 1538)
– Yokkaichi Sports Land (Yokkaichi-shi, Sakura-cho 9868)
– Yokkaichi Shonen Shizen no Ie (Yokkaichi-shi, Suizawa-cho, Ootani 1423-2)

On both days a free bus will be available to take visitors from a place to another.
During the event, a gift will be available for the first 100 visitors from each one of the 4 places. The condition is to collect just 3 from the stamps available in the 4 places. These gifts will be available on both days in each one of the places, therefore, join the stamp rally! (It is possible to print the pamphlet at home and take it where there is the rally’s card.)