Taste the four seasons of Higashi Kishu: Fresh Fish Cooking Class


Title: Taste the four seasons of Higashi Kishu: Fresh Fish Cooking Class
Location: Kumano Kodo Center Hand-on Experience Classroom
Description: Each season delicious fish are caught right here in Higashi-Kishu. For the first cooking class of the new financial year, we will be introducing a Murabayashi-style recipe sure to surprise and cooking techniques using fish freshly caught from Owase Fishing Port as the main ingredient. What fish will we be using? Wait and see!
The session will be led by Mr. Murabayashi and the students of the Cooking Club of Houka High School, home of the popular high school restaurant ‘Mago no Mie’. This is a chance for cultural exchange which even first-timers and those who aren’t keen on seafood can enjoy!
9:30~10:00  Registration
10:00~10:15  Teacher introduction, explanation of ingredients and cooking techniques
10:15~11:45  Cooking followed by clean-up
11:45~13:00  Tasting session・Finish
※Changes to the schedule may be made due to unforeseen circumstances.

Date: Sunday, 3rd June 2012 /  10am-1pm

Class of crafts with paper


Title: Class of crafts with paper
Location: Mie Prefectural Environmental Learning and Information Centre  Analyst Training Room
Description: Paper is inseparable from our daily lives. When you cast your eyes about, you will find that there is an immeasurable amount of paper being used all around you.

One of the ways in which paper is present in our lives is in paper packaging. In this session we will think about what it means to ‘recycle paper packaging’, common misconceptions about this subject, new ideas about paper which you may not have considered before and approaches for better recycling.

There will also be a hands-on paper packaging making session using handwritten postcards. You can take your creation home with you! These illustrated postcards are easy for even first-timers to decorate. Please come and join the fun!

Date: Sunday, 1st July 2012 / 1pm – 4pm