Class of crafts with paper


Title: Class of crafts with paper
Location: Mie Prefectural Environmental Learning and Information Centre  Analyst Training Room
Description: Paper is inseparable from our daily lives. When you cast your eyes about, you will find that there is an immeasurable amount of paper being used all around you.

One of the ways in which paper is present in our lives is in paper packaging. In this session we will think about what it means to ‘recycle paper packaging’, common misconceptions about this subject, new ideas about paper which you may not have considered before and approaches for better recycling.

There will also be a hands-on paper packaging making session using handwritten postcards. You can take your creation home with you! These illustrated postcards are easy for even first-timers to decorate. Please come and join the fun!

Date: Sunday, 1st July 2012 / 1pm – 4pm

Thunderstorm and Tornado Warnings

2011年5月9日 注意:落雷、竜巻の恐れがあります。

Between the 9th and 10th of May there is a possibility of unstable weather systems across a wide area. Please be aware of the possibility of heavy rain, thunderstorms and tornadoes etc and take all due precautions

It is important to have the right information to protect yourself, please save the Bosai Mie website to your favourites and check it for regular updates.