Agricultural Fair in Matsusaka


2012/05/11 Friday Seminars and Events

Title: Agricultural Fair in Matsusaka
Location: Matsusaka
Start Time: 10:00
Date: 2012-05-20
End Time: 14:30

Agricultural Research, Development and Control Area

Hands on Science Corner 10:00~14:30
○Delicious! Interesting fruit (2nd Floor)
○Frozen grape tasting(2nd Floor)
○Mie-grown rice tasting
○Cold Kabusecha tea
○Explore diversity in the Cabbage Field

Research Results Exhibition Corner 10:00~14:30
○Virus free sweet potatoes
○Protecting fields from wild animals

Quiz Rally 10:00~14:30

(Ends at 2pm)

○If you answer three different questions you will receive a prize!

Agricultural Technique Q&A 10:00~14:00(2nd floor)

○Answering your questions – from farms to vegetable patches.

Young Farmers Club Corner (at the entrance)

○Young people will be selling vegetables they have grown themselves

*Schedule may change in the case of unforeseen circumstances

Agricultural University Area


Agricultural Lectures(vegetables, tea, livestock etc.)

Agricultural Flee Market 10:00~

Refreshment Stand11:00~ (in front of the cafeteria)

Yakisoba・Yakitori etc.

Petting Zoo

Play with rabbits, goats, sheep, chickens etc.


Introduction to the Mie College of Agriculture (entrance)

Mie-grown Rice PR

Support Centre Area

 Mie Food Safety and Regional Produce Exhibition and Stalls 10:0014:30

(in front of the support centre)

○ Tofu, bread, picks, jam etc.

Try making sponge cake using rice flour! (register at reception in front of the support centre)

Eight people can take part in each session: 10:30~・11:30~・12:30~・13:30~

Organised byMie College of AgricultureAgricultural Research Office and others.


For enquiries contact:


Mie Prefectural Agriculture Research Planning and Maintenance Division



Matsusaka City Ureshino-kawa Kita Cho 530


Taste the four seasons of Higashi Kishu: Fresh Fish Cooking Class

2012/05/11 Friday Seminars and Events


Title: Taste the four seasons of Higashi Kishu: Fresh Fish Cooking Class
Location: Kumano Kodo Center Hand-on Experience Classroom
Description: Each season delicious fish are caught right here in Higashi-Kishu. For the first cooking class of the new financial year, we will be introducing a Murabayashi-style recipe sure to surprise and cooking techniques using fish freshly caught from Owase Fishing Port as the main ingredient. What fish will we be using? Wait and see!
The session will be led by Mr. Murabayashi and the students of the Cooking Club of Houka High School, home of the popular high school restaurant ‘Mago no Mie’. This is a chance for cultural exchange which even first-timers and those who aren’t keen on seafood can enjoy!
9:30~10:00  Registration
10:00~10:15  Teacher introduction, explanation of ingredients and cooking techniques
10:15~11:45  Cooking followed by clean-up
11:45~13:00  Tasting session・Finish
※Changes to the schedule may be made due to unforeseen circumstances.

Date: Sunday, 3rd June 2012 /  10am-1pm