Challenger’s Awards 2018


2018/07/27 Friday Seminars and Events

We are accepting entries for the “Challengers Award 2018” to honor and support the various “challenges” of women working in Mie prefecture.

It doesn’t matter what type of job, position or company size. Please send us your challenges and the challenges around you.

  1.  Entry qualification
    1. Women working in Mie Prefecture and that are experiencing some sort of challenges
    2. The finalists are required to attend the event “Challengers Award 2018” that is part of “Mie no Kagayaku Joshi no Forum 2018” on October 25, 2018 (Thursday) at Matsusaka City.
    3. Must be able to attend trainings for the presentation at the forum (September 29 (Saturday) from 1:30pm to 4pm, October 8 (Monday · Holiday) from 10am to 4pm (to be held in Tsu City)
    4. Personal recommendation or other recommendations are not accepted. If you would like to recommend other people, please obtain approval first before submitting the entry.
    5. It doesn’t matter what nationality, place of residence and age
      *Entries, training, presentations etc. are all done in Japanese.
  2. Entry period
    August 31, 2018 until 5pm
  3. Entry method
    Please fill in the necessary information on the entry form at the link below and apply.
    For self-recommendation, click here
  4. Regarding the assessment
    1. A strict assessment of documents will be carry out by the Selection Committee and 10 finalists (estimate) will be chosen.
    2. The results of the preliminary assessment will be informed individually by September 15 (Saturday) at the “Challengers Award 2018” that is a part of “Mie no Kayagaku Joshi no Forum 2018”, the finalists will perform their presentations and, in the same day, the Assessment Committee will choose the winners.
  5. Award details
    1. Mie Model Award (1 person) Certificate of Recognition, apresentation of ¥300.000 prize.
    2. Audience Award (1 person) Certificate of Recognition, presentation of ¥100.000 prize
      *Other sponsors award etc will be scheduled
  6. Contact Information
    Mie no Kagayaku Joshi Forum 2017” Administrative Office (Company in charge for the award: E-Presence K.K)  TEL:059-336-4002

See details about other entries on the special homepage below: (in Japanese only)

Preparing for flood and sediment-related disasters

2018/07/27 Friday Seminars and Events


About 1,000 sediment-related disasters occur annually in various places in Japan. When there is heavy rain or typhoon, it is important to gather weather information and evacuation information from TV, radio, internet, etc. and prepare for evacuation as soon as possible.

To know the meaning of evacuation information and information on evacuation preparation, please see the following URL.

  • Points to consider when flood damage is expected
    • Do not use the elevator
    • Do not run into the basement
    • Since evacuation at night is dangerous, evacuate as soon as possible
  • Points to consider when sediment-related disasters are expected
    • If you feel there’s a danger, get away quickly
    • When you can not go outside, evacuate to a high place such as the highest floor of the building and wait for help
    • After evacuation, do not return to home etc. until safety is confirmed


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