Public Seminar: Medical Interpretation Services in Hospitals


2015/01/19 Monday Highlights, Seminars and Events

This seminar aims to promote the widespread use of medical interpretation services at medical institutions. At this seminar learn about what changes hospitals in Mie Prefecture have experienced as a result of the work of medical interpreters.

icon_smm_servicesDate: Saturday, 24th January 2015

Time: 1:30pm – 4:30pm

Location:       Kenshushitsu Room A, 4th Floor UST-TSU (700 Hadokorocho, Tsu city)

アスト津4階 研修室A(津市羽所町700番地)

Target Audience: Local government employees in charge of medical services for foreign residents, medical institution workers, medical interpreters, those who are interested in becoming a medical interpreter and those who are interested in learning more about medical services offered to foreign residents.

Number of Attendees: 60 (first-come-first-served basis)

Attendance Cost: Free


  • Presentation of survey reports on medical interpretation services at medical institutions
  • Presentation of case studies:

The merits, challenges and impact of medical interpreting services presented by workers of medical             institutions and medical interpreters.

Group work

How to Apply:

Fill out the “Public Seminar Application Form” on the flyer and send by fax, email or post.

The flyer can be downloaded from the homepage.


Mie International Exchange Foundation

3rd Floor UST-TSU 700 Hadokorocho, Tsu, Mie Prefecture 〒514-0009

〒514-0009 津市羽所町700番地アスト津3階

公益財団法人 三重県国際交流財団

TEL 059-223-5006  FAX 059-223-5007  URL:

Note: The seminar will be held in Japanese.

seminario japanese seminario japanese2

Multicultural Event: See it! Feel it! Be a part of it! Bringing People Together with Smiles

2015/01/19 Monday Highlights, Seminars and Events


See it! Feel it! Be a part of it!

Bringing People Together with Smiles

☆Multiculturalism is about respecting and valuing people of different nationalities, ethnicities and culture and also about living together as equal members of society.

When: Saturday, 14th February 2015 – 9:30am to 4:00pm

Where: Ise City Lifelong Learning Center ISETOPIA (562-12 Kurosecho, Ise, Mie Prefecture)

◎  to be held together with the Human Rights Festival

Workshops (3     Floor Kenshushitsu Room) 10:00am to 12:00pm

★  Listen   to   a   talk   about   Mongolia   and   make   woolen handcrafts!

★ Attend a seminar on “Overcoming Language Barriers!”

★  Group  discussions  on  various  topics  with  local  University students!

★  Listen  to  the   experiences   of  international  cooperation activity trainees from different Asian countries!

Stage Event! (1    Floor Fureai-Hiroba Square)

9:45am to 10am

Music and dance!  by Ise City Labo International Exchange Foundation

3:25pm to 3:45pm

“Marinella,” “Festejo” and Latin dancing by Garbo y Tradicion

Movie Screening of On the Way to School”

  • Kenshushitsu Room 1
  • 12:00pm to 1:10pm
  •  Free admission and snacks

A documentary film about four children who each must travel tremendously long distances to reach their school. A heart-warming story about faith in education and extraordinary determination.

Also, try on different international folk costumes or take part in a Taiwanese cooking class!

multiculturalism - eng