Precautions for Mountain Climbing

三重県警察より 登山に関する注意のお願い

2011/09/27 Tuesday News, Security

A Notice from the Mie Prefectural Police Precautions for Mountain Climbing


The summer period is when many get out and enjoy mountain climbing.

Within Mie Prefecture, mountain climbers have been increasing, especially along the Suzuka Mountain Range and unfortunately, up until May this year, there have already been on death and 18 injured climbers that have required rescue efforts. Compared to the same period last year, which was the worst recorded in history, this year has already exceeded the amount of cases by 10, 14 of which being rescue and emergency incidents.


As there are many mountains in the Suzuka Mountain Range that can be climbed in a short amount of time, many tend to believe that the hiking tracks are very casual and go unprepared. However, these tracks contain many dangerous rock surfaces and can become very steep, so if you do not go fully equipped it can be very dangerous.


In order to be well prepared, it is important to firstly organize and plan your hiking route. Secondly prepare emergency gear, such as rain wear, food, fluids and a torch. In addition, make sure to notify your family of the mountain’s name, intended route and finish date, so that rescue efforts can respond more efficiently in the possible event of an accident. Also, refrain from climbing alone, try to climb in groups. Most importantly remember to drink plenty of fluids to prevent dehydration and heat exhaustion and  finally, make sure that you have plenty of time to climb.


We hope you enjoy this period and partake in various mountain climbing activities, but always remember that safety comes first.

Gun Control Measures in Mie Prefecture

2011/09/27 Tuesday News, Security


Gun Control Measures in Mie Prefecture

The period between January and June of 2011 saw a rise in the number of incidents involving firearms nationwide. The increase in the number of firearm related incidents involving gang members was particularly large. Among these incidents were cases in which stray bullets entered the nearby residences of citizens with no gang connections.

 There have been no firearm related incidents in Mie Prefecture since 2008. However, the danger of innocent bystanders becoming involved in firearm related incidents is still a serious concern.

 Since it has become possible to obtain firearms, firearm parts and ammunition via the internet, everyday citizens, as well as gang members, may be in possession of firearms illegally.

To prevent firearm related crime and to ensure that regions all over the prefecture remain safe, the Mie Prefectural Police Department is intensifying enforcement of gun control laws.

The Mie Prefectural Police is also confiscating firearms such as military issue firearms, antique firearms and “Airsoft” guns.

This measure is being taken to address the issue of families or individuals keeping military issue firearms or antique firearms in storage areas as mementos.

The measure also targets “Airsoft” guns, such as the M29 and Cassiopeia models, which are considered firearms due to their potential lethality.

If you find any firearms like those listed above, please contact your nearest police department or police station.

Furthermore, if you have any information concerning firearm sightings, rumors of firearm possession or of firearms being sold on the internet, please inform the Mie Prefectural Police Department.

There is a hotline that citizens can call to report information concerning firearms. This hotline is available 24 hours a day and citizens may remain anonymous. In addition, citizens may receive monetary compensation if information that they provide results in the confiscation of firearms or the arrest of a criminal.

The number for the hotline is 0120-10-3774 and calls made to the hotline are toll free.


We appreciate your cooperation in helping to make our communities safer.