Provisional housing offer for victims of Typhoon no.12


2011/09/21 Wednesday Housing, News

Provisional housing offer for victims of Typhoon no.12 who can no longer live in their homes

 The following is information on the available housing being offered to victims of Typhoon no.12. Please be aware that applications will end once each house has been filled. The below is a basic outline of the terms of residency, just in case, please confirm the conditions by phone with the contact point nominated for each house.

 Applicant Qualifications: Those who face an uncertain housing condition after the 2011 Typhoon no.12

Conditions of tenancy:

  I  Rent-free, no need to place deposits or have guarantors

  II  Tenancy will be up to six months

  III  Repair work such as replacing tatami mats etc. will not be carried out

  IV Pets such as dogs and cats are not permitted

*    Enquiries to the person in charge of applications, the application process itself and correspondence after you have moved into the property will all take place in Japanese so foreign residents who apply must have Japanese language ability.

This information will be updated as the situation changes but in the case that demand exceeds expectations it is possible that due to the large amount of information we will be handling and trying to distribute as fast as possible you may not be able to know the exact condition of each individual property in advance. In that case, before deciding whether or not you will live there please phone our contact point to discuss it with us.

 List of available properties (Japanese)

Precautions against the typhoon No. 15

2011/09/21 Wednesday Housing, News

23年度 台風15号に備えて

Typhoon no.15 is getting closer and according to weather predictions there is a possibility that it will pass over Mie Prefecture around midday on September 21st.

Please be aware that from today there is a high chance of strong wind and rain. Depending on the situation, there are times when evacuation advisory warnings or evacuation orders may be issued. Please read the information on the BOSAI MIE website or the disaster preparation booklet below carefully for important information on what preparations to make and how to deal with a typhoon.

BOSAI MIE Website:

Disaster preparation booklet: