Vacancies for Metal Molding Course of Tsu Technical School – First term (April) of 2024

三重県立津高等技術学校 金属成形科 4月入校生を募集します

2024/01/18 Thursday Announcements, Career, Education

Skills to be acquired

  • Acquire basic and specialized welding skills, primarily through practice.
  • Acquire basic knowledge of working with metal sheets, metallic materials and measurement in the processing of metallic materials.
  • Acquire specialist knowledge required for welding qualifications.
  • Acquire the knowledge required for various qualifications and qualify.
  • Acquire a better understanding of the profession, learn how to prepare a CV and behave in an interview through career guidance
  • Learn to read and write Japanese to improve your skills..

Acquisition of certificates

Optional: JIS welding technical qualification – basic level (SA-2F, SA-3F, 1-2F)

Certificate of completion of the Gas Welding Course at educational institutions registered with the Ministry of Labor (Mie Roudou-kyoku Dai 17-4 Go)

Certificate of completion of the Electric Arc Welding Course

Certificate of completion of the special course on free grinding exchange services

(Optional) Certificate of completion of the Tamakake Course registered with the Ministry of Labor (Mie Roudou-kyoku Dai 20-2 Go)

Duration of the course

April 9, 2024 (Tuesday) to September 4, 2024 (Wednesday)

Time: 8:30 am to 3:40 pm

Number of slot: 10 people


Classes will be free.

Upon registration, a fee of ¥20,000 will be charged to purchase uniforms, protective equipment, accident insurance, among others.

Target Audience

People who are interested in acquiring basic knowledge about metal modeling and working in this area in the future, in addition to fitting into one of the following items:

  • Foreigner with a residence visa that does not have limitations on work activities

* However, those interested must know how to read and write Hiragana and converse daily in Japanese.

  • Have little or no work experience.

Selection process

For everyone interested in taking the training, it is necessary to go through the selection process. All interested parties must go to the Hello Work agency without fail.

Selection date

First selection: February 19, 2024 (Monday)

Second selection: March 6, 2024 (Thursday)

Third selection: March 22, 2024 (Friday)

(Attention: if places are filled on the first day of evaluation, the remaining selection day will be cancelled.)

Place for information, registration and course completion

〒514-0817 Tsu-shi Takachaya Komori-cho 1176-2

Mie Kenritsu Tsu Kouto Gijutsu Gakko

Responsible: Kato or Kitamura (in charge of the metal modeling course)

TEL: 059-234-3135







Special arc welding training for foreigners

2024/01/18 Thursday Announcements, Career, Education

外国籍の方対象 アーク溶接特別教育の受講者を募集します。


March 12 to 14, 2024 (3 days)


People qualified to take the course

People who need safety training to handle arc welding equipment.

Foreigners with residence status that does not restrict employability

*However, you will need to know enough basic conversational Japanese and can read and write Hiragana.


5 people (first come, first served)

Registration fee

8,000 yen (including textbooks, etc.)

Training content

Special training based on the Occupational Health and Safety Act.

Students will learn about the operations of handling arc welding equipment.

Upon completion, a “Certificate of Special Education in Arc Welding” will be issued.

Registration period

February 1 to March 1, 2024 (until 4:30 pm)

How to sign up

(1) Please contact the Mie Prefectural Human Resource Development Center (Mieken Jinzai Kaihatsu Center – 三重県人材開発センター) during the application period.

(Phone number: 059-234-6883 weekdays only, Japanese language service only, opening hours 9:00 to 16:30)

(2) After calling, come to the center to complete the registration procedures.)

 Contact (Japanese only)

Mie Prefectural Human Resources Development Center (Mieken Jinzai Kaihatsu Center – 三重県人材開発センター), within the Tsu Higher School of Technology (Miekenritsu Tsu Koto Gijutsu Gakko)

Address: 〒514-0817 Mie-ken Tsu-shi Takachaya Komorimachi 1176-2

Telephone: 059-234-6883


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