The Nagoya Regional Immigration Services Bureau will be crowded in mid-August


2023/07/25 Tuesday Announcements

Many companies have a vacation period during the Obon holiday (mid-August), so every year many people apply for residency status and other documents.  This means that the counter at the Nagoya Regional Immigration Service Bureau (Nagoya Shutsunyukoku Zairyu Kanrikyoku) will be very busy.

In particular, it is expected to be very busy from the 14th to the 18th of August.

The waiting time will be very long, so if you are not having problems with the status of residence and the period of stay, we recommend that you avoid the busy periods.

Click here to view a congestion forecast calendar for August 2023 (prepared by the Nagoya Regional Immigration Service Bureau).

* *In Mie Prefecture, there is a branch of the Nagoya Regional Immigration Service Bureau in Yokkaichi Port.

Address: Mie-ken Yokkaichi-shi Chitose-cho 5-1 Yokkaichi Seaport Joint Government Office Bldg

Coronavirus: Map of pharmacies/stores handling qualitative antigen test kits

2023/07/25 Tuesday Announcements


Click the Google Maps link below to view pharmacies and stores handling the coronavirus antigen qualitative test kit in Mie Prefecture.

  • This information was taken from the website of the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare. Link:
  • Choose a government-approved “In Vitro Diagnostic Product” or “Category 1” test kit. Medicines classified as “research use” are not approved by the government.
  • This map does not guarantee that test kits are in stock. Please contact us in advance to confirm availability as stock at each store varies.

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