2021 Tsu Advanced Vocational Technical Training School Open Campus

2021年 津高等技術学校 オープンキャンパスを開催します

2021/06/15 Tuesday Announcements, Career, Education

The Tsu Advanced Vocational Technical Training School is a professional skills development school in Mie Prefecture that trains and qualifies people to work in the industrial market.  At Tsu Advanced Vocational Technical Training School, in addition to students learning from the basics to the application of necessary techniques and skills, the school encourages the acquisition of various certificates necessary for the job market and national certification exams according to the type of employment.  This Open Campus will also be held this year.

  1. School Tour (no prior registration required and no capacity limit)

Target audience: people who are interested in manual activities and making things

Tour details: explanation of the school, visit to facilities and practical classrooms, demonstration of equipment and question and answer session.

Date: June 12 (Saturday) / August 24 (Tuesday)

Check in time: 1:00 pm to 1:30 pm

Tour hours: 1:30 pm to 3:00 pm

  1. Practical Classes (prior registration required. Maximum capacity of 10 people in the morning and afternoon shifts for each course)

Target audience: students or high school graduates (koko)

Content of practical classes (planned)

  • Machine control systems course (Kikai Seigyo Shisutemu-ka): experimental classes in metal processing, 3DCAD and numerical control machines.
  • Information course on electrical controls (Denshi Seigyo Joho-ka): experimental classes in augmented reality, production of IoT equipment and development of line trace robots.
  • Automotive technician course (Jidousha Gijutsu-ka): experimental classes on the assembly of automotive engines and inspection and diagnosis of automobiles.
  • Metallurgy course (Metal Craft-ka): experimental classes in painting automotive metal plates and producing objects using numerical control machines.

Dates: August 3rd (Tuesday), August 4th (Wednesday) and August 5th (Thursday)

Morning class

Explanation, change of clothes and transportation to the practical classroom: from 9:00 am

Practical class: from 9:30 am to 11:30 am

Afternoon class

Explanation, change of clothes and transportation to the practical classroom: from 1:00 pm

Practical class: from 1:30 pm to 3:30 pm

  1. Registration

Registration is required for practical classes.  Fill in the necessary items on the application form, and send it by FAX or email.

The registration period is between June 1st (Tuesday) and July 14th (Wednesday) until 5 pm.

*All content and explanations will be in Japanese.  There will be no translators.

Link to Open Campus (Japanese only): https://www2.tcp-ip.or.jp/~tsutech/entrance/kengaku.html

Click here to open the Open Campus flyer

 Click here to open the Application Form

  1. Contact information

Mie Kenritsu Tsu Koutou Gijutsu Gakkou (Tsu Advanced Vocational Technical Training School)

Address: 〒514-0817 Tsu-shi Takachaya Komori-cho 1176-2 (along route no.165)

TEL: 059-234-2839 FAX: 059-234-3668 E-mail: kikaku@kr.tcp-ip.or.jp

Changes in Emergency Evacuation Information!

2021/06/15 Tuesday Announcements, Career, Education


The evacuation information in the event of a disaster has been updated.  At the same time, please check the basic disaster information “Mie Prefecture Multilingual Evacuation Center Map”. (Mie-ken Tagengo Hinan-jo Map – 三重県多言語避難所マップ).

On May 2021, The Disaster Countermeasures Basic Law (Saigai Taisaku Kihon-ho – 災害対策基本法) has been amended to improve evacuation information in the event of a disaster.

The main amendment is that the Evacuation Advisory “Hinan Kankoku” and the Evacuation Order (emergency) “Hinan Shiji” had been unified into one and will just be called “Evacuation Order(Hinan Shiji)”.  Until now, the difference between the evacuation advisories and evacuation orders (emergency) was not fully understood, and that is the reason why many people were affected during disasters due to the delays in evacuating because they did not evacuate at the timing of the evacuation advisories where they should have evacuated.

To all the citizens of Mie

Take steps to protect yourself according to the evacuation information announced by the municipalities.

Alert Level 3 – Evacuation of the Elderly, etc.

It is a situation when there is a risk of a disaster occurring and people who need more time to evacuate, such as the elderly and people with disabilities, must flee away from dangerous places and evacuate.

Alert Level 4 – Evacuation Order

It is a situation where the risk of a disaster occurring is high.  Everyone must flee away from dangerous places and evacuate.

Alert Level 5 – Measures to Ensure Safety

It is a situation where a disaster is imminent or has already occurred and lives are at risk.  Find a safe place immediately.

Government Office: “Evacuate by Following the Evacuation Order. The Evacuation Recommendation has been abolished” (pamphlets are in Japanese only)

Province of Mie: “The Evacuation Information has been updated”

Mie Prefecture Multilingual Evacuation Sites Map

In Mie Prefecture’s Multilingual Evacuatio Site Map, there are informations about disasters and what to do when a disaster occurs.  The location of the evacuation sites can be checked through Google Maps.