(April/2021) Application Period for Prefectural Housing Tenants


2021/04/11 Sunday Housing

Application Period for April
April 2 (Friday) ~ April 30, 2020 (Friday)

Basic information regarding prefectural housing (location, layout, rent, etc.), information regarding application procedures and other details will be available at the website below.

Click here to view PDF file (Japanese Version)

Click here to view PDF file (Portugues Version)

Click here to view PDF file (Spanish Version)

Information on eligibility criteria and prefectural housing rules and regulations can also be found at the website below.
*All information provided is in Japanese only

*Regarding the public housing with vacancies that are not filled through the regular application, from the day after the lottery until the vacancies are filled, service will be provided on a first-come first- served basis until the first Wednesday of the month after the month to which the lottery is completed. The deadline for this supplementary registration is April 30.

Fixed period of call for prefectural housing (Every year in the same period)

Month Application Period by Post Date for selection by lottery Move in date
April Start Date~30 Mid-May July 1
July Start Date~31 Mid-August October 1
October Start Date~31 Mid-November January 1
January Start Date~31 Mid-February April 1

*The start date for each application period is scheduled for the first Tuesday or Friday of the respective month


Mie Ken Kendo Seibi-bu Jutaku Seisaku-ka Kou’ei Jutaku-han TEL: 059-224-2703 (*Inquires available only in Japanese)

See below the Consultation Center of each region

(1) Hokusei Block (Kuwana city, Kawagoe district, Yokkaichi city, Suzuka city, Kameyama city) TEL: 059- 373- 6802

(2) Chusei Iga Block (Tsu city, Iga city, Nabari city) TEL: 059-221-6171

(3) Nansei-Higashi Kishu Block (Matsusaka city, Ise city, Owase city, Kumano city, Mihama district) TEL: 059-222-6400

The Mie Prefecture Traffic Safety Ordinance was established

2021/04/11 Sunday Housing


Mie Prefecture’s traffic safety ordinance have been established.  The authorities call on all citizens to respect traffic safety measures in favor of a safer society.

  1. Vehicle driver’s responsibilities

Preventing or not allowing pedestrians from crossing is a violation of traffic laws.

Avoid driving while under the influence of alcohol, violating speed limits, reckless driving and driving vehicles while using a smartphone, etc.

  1. Bicycle driver’s responsibilities

As a general rule, bicycles should be driven on roads.

Avoid driving under the influence of alcohol, disturbing pedestrians and driving while using a smartphone, etc.

Conduct regular inspection and maintenance of the bicycle.

  1. Pedestrian’s responsibilities

It is dangerous to walk on the streets using smartphones.  Be aware of your surroundings, people and vehicles.

  1. Applying for liability services for cyclists and other insurance systems

As of October 1, 2021, it will be mandatory for the following persons mentioned below to register for liability services for cyclists and other insurance systems.

1 – Cyclists (except minors)

2 – Parents and guardians (if the minor is under the care of the parents riding the bicycle)

3 – People and Companies that use bicycle for work

4 – People and companies that provide bicycle loan services

Check out the link below (in Japanese only) for more details on Mie Prefecture’s Traffic Safety Ordinance.