Hand in Hand 2020– Multicultural Awareness Event

多文化共生理解イベント Hand in Hand 2020

2020/11/03 Tuesday Announcements, Culture and Leisure

The province of Mie works for the “Construction of a multicultural society”, which aims to accept the cultural differences of citizens from different nationalities, ethnic groups, etc., and in the mutual structuring of a community based on same relations.  As part of this movement, the Hand in Hand 2020 – Multicultural Awareness Event will be held.

This year’s theme is “Fictitious Travels on the Planet – Island Countries”.  What do you think about traveling to the Philippines and Palau using your rich imagination?


November 21, 2020 (Saturday) – 1:30 pm to 4:30 pm


Online (expected to be performed on Zoom)


  1. Embark on a fictional trip to the Philippines

Take a Fictitious Travel (imaginary travel experiences) to the Philippines with native guides.  Learn about the daily life and culture of the Philippines.

  1. Embark on a fictional trip to Palau

Take a Fictitious Travel (imaginary travel experiences) to Palau with native guides.  Connect with the JICA office in Palau and learn about the relationship between Japan and Palau and the plans for preserving the environment.  High school students from Palau will also participate.

  1. Presentation Pacific Islands Leaders Meeting scheduled to be held in the city of Shima in 2021.



Target Audience

People with an interest in the culture of other countries, the environment and SDGs.

* The explanations will be made in Japanese.  There will be no translators.

Audience capacity and registration method

Limited to the first 50 people who sign up

Apply by the URL below until November 16th (Monday)


See the pamphlet for more details.

Contact information

Mie Citizens Volunteer Activities Center (Mie Shimin Katsudo Volunteer Center)

TEL: 059-222-5995

FAX: 059-222-5971

E-mail: center@mienpo.net


Support for people who are having problems in everyday life

2020/11/03 Tuesday Announcements, Culture and Leisure

生活(せいかつ)に困(こま)っている人(ひと)へ 支援(しえん)があります

Are you experiencing daily problems due to the coronavirus?  There are several support counters and assistance you can receive.

< Examples of support >

  • Temporary special benefits for child-rearing households (Kosodate Setai he no Rinji Tokubetsu Kyufukin – 子育て世帯への臨時特別給付金)
  • Housing security benefit (rent support) (Jutaku Kakuho Kyufukin – 住宅確保給付金)
  • Grace period of social insurance premiums (shakai hoken), etc.
  • Work leave allowance

For more information, see the multilingual pamphlets below.

PortugueseSpanishFilipinoChineseEnglishVietnameseEasy Japanese

* Information on October 1, 2020.

If you are having difficulty consulting with the support counters mentioned above, call the MieCo, Mie Consultation Center for Foreign Residents

Tel: 080-3300-8077

Monday to Friday and Sundays (closed on Saturdays and public holidays), from 9 am to 5 pm


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