2022 Travel discount “Mie-toku Travel Coupon” 2nd edition


2022/05/10 Tuesday Announcements, Culture and Leisure

Mie Prefecture will carry out the 2nd edition of the 2022 Travel discount “Mie-toku Travel Coupon”, to discount the travel price when traveling within the Prefecture for all residents of the prefecture.

To use the coupon this time, it will be necessary to present the “vaccination history (3rd dose)” or a “negative coronavirus test result” valid on the day of departure.

If the coronavirus situation in Mie Prefecture worsens, a limit on the use of coupons, or even cancellation / postponement of services related to the coupon may be imposed.

  1. Target persons

Residents of Mie Prefecture (you will need to present a “vaccination history (3rd dose)” or a valid “negative coronavirus test result” on the day of departure).

*Only for trips whose departure and arrival destinations are within Mie Prefecture.

  1. Online registration

Example of one of the coupons: ¥15,000 for bookings of 3 or more adults (total tax-inclusive stay must be more than ¥30,000)

Example of one of the coupons: ¥5,000 discount coupon for purchase of travel products that cost more than ¥10,000 per day for each person

  1. Validity period and other information

May 9 (Monday) to May 31, 2022

Valid for checkouts made until June 1 (Wednesday) at accommodations

Valid until May 31 (Tuesday) for same-day round-trip travel (no accommodation).

  1. Contact (service in Japanese only)

Mie-toku Travel Coupon Jimukyoku (service in Japanese only)

TEL: 050-3644-3575

From 9 am to 6 pm on weekdays

For details on other information, including the “Mie-toku Travel Chiiki Ouen Coupon”, please visit the Mie prefecture homepage by clicking here.

Manamie: Mie’s Evening class 2022 (Reiwa 4) – The schedule for the first semester have been confirmed

2022/05/10 Tuesday Announcements, Culture and Leisure


If you have not been able to finish your study in junior high school due to various reasons and wants to “learn”, please feel free to apply.

  1. Period
  • First semester: April 25 (Monday) to July 7, 2022 (Thursday)

Every Monday, Tuesday and Thursday (total of 30 lessons), with the exception of holidays

  • Second semester: beginning of September to mid-October 2022

Every Monday, Tuesday and Thursday (total of 20 lessons), with the exception of holidays

  1. Time: 6pm to 8:25pm

Basic learning: 6pm to 6:10pm

First class: 6:10pm to 6:50pm

Second class: 6:55pm to 7:35 pm

Third class: 7:40pm to 8:20pm

Closing: 8:20pm to 8:25pm

  1. Location
  • Classes in Tsu

Mie Education Center (Mie-ken Sogo Kyouiku Center (Mie-ken Sogo Kyouiku Center – 三重県総合教育センター): Tsu-shi Otani-cho 12

  • Classes in Yokkaichi

Hokusei High School (Miekenritsu Hokusei Koto Gakko – 三重県立北星高等学校): Yokkaichi-shi Oazamochibuku 668-1

  1. Contents

Japanese, English and Math classes: 2 lessons per week

Classes in humanities (shakai), science and practical subjects (jitsugi kyouka): 1 class per week

The contents of the practical classes will be technology in Tsu, and arts in Yokkaichi

If necessary, there will be revision of the primary – shogakko

  1. How to register
    1. Target persons

Mie residents who were born before April 1, 2007

*With the exception of people who have completed high school graduation (koukou)

    1. Registration Information (Please provide the following items)

Name, date of birth, address, contact phone number, desired location (Tsu or Yokkaichi)

    1. Enrollment method

1 – Online registration: click here

2 – Tel: 059-224-2963 (service in Japanese only)

3 – E-mail (gakokyo@pref.mie.lg.jp)

4 – Fax: 059-224-3023

5 – Go directly to the Education Sector for Elementary I and II on the seventh floor of Mie Government Office (Kencho).

  1. Other details
  • Classes are free
  • Details of the second semester will be released later
  • Workbooks will be distributed free of charge
  • The organization is looking into holding online classes for people who have difficulty getting to classes.
  • Click here to see Manamie’s flyer
  • If you have difficulties applying or want to learn Japanese, contact MieCo
  • MieCo, Mie Consultation Center for Foreign Residents (Mie Consultation Center for Foreign Residents)
    Telefone: 080-3300-8077

Contact (service in Japanese only)

Mie-ken Kyoiku Iinkai Jimukyoku Shochugakko Kyoiku-ka Shochugakko Kyoiku-han

(三重県教育委員会事務局 小中学校教育課 小中学校教育班)

TEL: 059-224-2963